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6 Best Universal Sight Pusher In 2022 – Tested & Reviewed

What are you still doing with the stock sites on your guns? Get some night sights asap. The sights on your gun are by far the most important part of your weapon. They’re what you use to aim and shoot accurately. However, sights can be hard to get off and put back on.

Some guns just won’t allow for complete disassembly, and you need the right tool to make your jobs easier. The sheer length of many handgun sights makes it difficult for you to insert an iron sight and adjust them gently.

Sometimes the barrel gets in the way of your hands and fingers, making adjustments all but impossible. This is where the best universal sight pusher tools come into play.

You can adjust or replace sights on nearly any firearm! These sight-pushing tools are easy to use and convenient enough to carry around at all times.

You’ll find the perfect fit no matter what weapon you’re operating with, as these sight pushers are compatible with Glock, Sig Sauer, H&K, and more.

Changing sights using a sight pusher tool

What Do Sight Pushers Do?

Sight pushers, also known as rear sight adjusting tools, are used to adjust the rear sight of a pistol. They help correct the weapon’s aim by providing a simple, effective way for users to make minute changes without having to take their guns to a gunsmith.

These tools are often made of metal and can be adjusted using screws or knobs. They can be installed on either side of the slide, and they allow you to adjust your pistol’s sights without having to remove them from their installation point.

Do You Need One?

If the rear sight of your gun isn’t pointing at the target, it needs to be adjusted. It is also possible to do this with a punch and hammer, but the procedure is much more difficult and not as precise.

On some sights, you can get away with hitting it with a hammer…but it just gets a little sketchy at that point. The need for multiple adjustments is almost certain to occur due to over-adjustment.

I’m a simple man and like to keep things as simple as possible. Using a universal sight pusher tool is much easier than using a hammer and punch.

This article will give you all the information you need about sight pushers, why you might want one in your toolbox, and how to choose one.

Top 6 Best Universal Sight Pushers

If you want an upgrade for your sights at home, I have tested some of the best sight pushers in the industry for you! These come from various manufacturers, but all offer something unique and exciting to help make your shooting experience more enjoyable.

1. Real Avid Armorer’s Handgun Sight Pusher Sight Tool – Best Pistol Sight Tool

Real Avid Armorer’s Handgun Sight Pusher Sight Tool

When you get into the premium stuff like nicer sights and guns, you do not want to mess with them with a hammer and a punch. You need a proper, machined handgun sight pushing tool that can get the job done safely without scratching your sights or guns. And that is exactly what this thing is.

Real Avid knows how to make good sight pushers. When you are working with something as precise as sights, you need something that takes away all the variabilities. This sight-pushing tool is as precise as it gets. It is a one size fits all type of tool that should work across all of your different guns.

I am really happy with the durability of this thing. The build quality is solid, and there are hardly any flimsy parts on this tool. As a guy that likes to change sights on his own, this sight pusher tool is a godsend. This sight pusher is really simple to use, and with the extra-large knob, you can push sight with extra precision.

When working with guns, the hands do tend to get all greasy and dirty. Even if your hands aren’t all that clean, you can still get a good grip on the adjustment knob. The rotation is smooth, and it’s also very simple to use. The base on this is heavy. This is a good thing; you can also mount it on your workbench or vise.

When it comes to compatibility, this is the best sight pusher for the money that is truly universal. It is compatible with the 1911 pistols and flat side slights such as Sig Sauer, Ruger, M&P, and Glock. You can work on both rear and front sights with just one tool.

I really like how you can simply rotate the press block to work on various sight profiles. You don’t have to take the whole pusher tool apart just to change the push block. This saves a lot of time when working on multiple guns at once. I know some sights are stubborn as hell and no matter how you push them, they won’ budge.

That won’t be a problem for this tool. You can apply up to 150 in-lb. of torque with ease. In addition to maximizing torque, the precision turning handle includes extra-fine threads for minimal effort and micro sight adjustments. Additional leverage is possible with a 3/8″ cachet receiver integrated into the system

If you lack strength in your hands, this will provide additional ergonomics to push stubborn sights more easily. Multi-surface contact fully captures and secures the slide. Clamps include options for protecting finishes and minimizing marring risks.

It took no time at all to remove the old sights and replace them with the new ones. Make sure you follow the directions when oiling the pusher. You should also take your time when setting up the pusher. Rather than pushing the top of the sight, you should push the base of the sight with the pusher.


  • Compatible with most press-fit dovetail rear sights and front sights
  • Excellent quality and weight (it’s heavy) indicate perfection
  • This is a solid product that is easy to use
  • Works on both front and rear sights


  • Nothing to nitpick about

2. Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool – Best Handgun Sight Tool

Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Handgun Sight Tool - Best Handgun Sight Tool

This handgun sight tool from Wheeler is a must-have for anyone who is looking to install front or rear sights on their gun. I was recently given the opportunity to review this one, and I liked it quite a lot. It’s high-quality, expensive, but worth every penny. So even if you are only doing a few sights here and there, go with this one.

What I really liked about this product was how easy it was to use. When I first opened the box, I noticed that it had everything you need to get started right away without running back and forth between different tools or pieces of equipment. In addition, it has a precision design and a build quality that is second to none.

I like how this sight tool comes covered in oil from the factory. This goes to show you that Wheeler actually cares about its users. As with any metal tool, you will have to oil them properly for them to function properly. However, it is fairly straightforward to use. Just make sure to go through the manual first before you begin using it.

Another thing I realized is that it has been built with ergonomics in mind, which makes it comfortable for use for long periods of time without causing any strain on the user’s hand or wrist. In addition, this tool is very well machined. The sight remover slides along a line of measurement markings across the front.

When you tighten your slide, there are also guidelines to make sure the slide is straight in the tool and the pressure on the sights is even. The universal handgun sight tool is the best tool for sighting your handgun because it works with just about anything. In addition, it comes with detailed instructions on how to properly use it.

This pusher is compatible with handguns of all sizes, even if they are of different calibers, including 9mm, .45 ACP, .357 SIG, and more! I have been using this product for a while now, and I can say it has exceeded my expectations on every level.

I would recommend it to anyone who needs help sighting in their handgun. Wheeler has a reputation for producing quality products, but when it came to this sight tool, they kicked it up a notch. Clearly one of the market’s most expensive and best universal sight pushing tools.

For precision-oriented shooting, such as bullseye competitions, this pusher is perfect. Or if you plan to replace or adjust a lot of sights. However, this might be overkill for everyone else.


  • Well-built and heavy-duty pusher block
  • Accurate measurements can be made with reference marks
  • Easily push the sight with the large four-post drive knob
  • Ensures slide won’t deform by fully capturing and supporting it


  • Expensive

3. NcSTAR VTUPRS Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool – Best Build-Quality Sight Tool

NcSTAR VTUPRS Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool - Best Build-Quality Sight Tool

This universal pistol rear sight tool from NcSTAR is an excellent option for shooters on a budget. It is the perfect option if you need a pusher but do not want to spend a lot of money. I would rather spend the extra cash on a quality sight. However, you can rely on it to do what you need it to do, and it does it well (pushing sights).

To make it work, you need patience and understanding since it’s not of the highest quality. On a Glock or guns with a drift rear sight, this will allow drifting, removing, or installing a rear sight. Don’t keep using this tool if it’s not doing what you want it to—the setup you have probably needs correction.

The frame is made out of strong, heavy-duty anodized aluminum, and most of the other parts are made out of steel. You can bolt the frame to a work surface, clamp it on a vice, or mount it on a workbench. To get maximum stability and leverage, I highly recommend you bolt it down.

Two side witness windows have been machined into the tool frame to ensure that the tool and rear sight are aligned properly. The rear sight pusher can be used to remove the rear sights, install them, or adjust them. It works with rear sight profiles of 90 degrees and 30 degrees.

Whether you have a full-sized semi-auto pistol, a compact pistol, a sub-compact pistol, or a pocket-sized semi-auto pistol, the universal pistol sight tool is certain to fit your needs. For most semi-automatic pistol slides, the rear sight tool is designed to remove, install, and adjust the windage of the rear sights with dovetails.

For precise work, large screws with smooth surfaces are ideal. Simply lube it up, get the pushing mechanism set up, and start making sight adjustments. Whether you’re making adjustments or customizing your gun, this makes pushing your sights quick and convenient.

Now, I am not going to lie; this is not the best tool out there. It has some shortcomings in terms of its design and performance, but it also has some benefits. I would recommend this for someone who needs to replace their rear sight or wants a cheap alternative for their firearm.


  • Durable anodized aluminum construction
  • Ideal tool for installing and adjusting dovetailed rear sights
  • It can be bolted to any work surface or work vice
  • The best budget sight pusher at the moment


  • Hard to use it on front sights

4. Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool for 1911 Sig Springfield and others – Best Glock sight pusher

Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool for 1911 Sig Springfield and others - Best Glock sight pusher

Need a pistol sight pusher that will probably last a lifetime? Look no further than this one from the brand What I have here is the Gen 4 model. At first glance, you can clearly see it is not like the other sight pushers on this list. This tool is built like a tank, and you will absolutely need a vise for this.

I think the best feature of these sight pusher tools is that they are compatible with both full-size firearms and sub-compacts. It is important to check things before tightening the slides down to avoid damaging them. This point is particularly important due to the tank-like construction of the device.

The hardest part is getting the slide in the tool securely, then protecting the night sights. Put some cotton patches around the slide. Put a small piece of paper over your gun sights to keep them from getting scratched.

One thing that sets this tool apart from others is how it grips the slide on all sides. Even when thousands of pounds are applied, the slides won’t move when you adjust or remove the sights. As a result, you can use it with dozens of guns. It’s compact, easy to use, and handy.

Unlike most other tools on the market, this tool doesn’t require extra block sets to grip the slide. In addition, it’s well-machined, so you can use it pretty intuitively. With this tool, you can change or adjust almost any handgun slide with dovetail sights.

You can even use it on the Beretta 92fs if the lever is removed, even though it took me a little while to figure it out. Aside from that, it makes removing, replacing, and adjusting stubborn sights a breeze. Of course, you’ve got to learn how it works first.

Choosing not to protect and secure your slide is where you can get into trouble. Don’t try to tighten things down until you’ve checked things out. Otherwise, you might scratch or even gouge your slide. Don’t rush, and be patient. You’ll get the hang of it after 10-15 minutes.


  • The best Glock sight pusher tool on the market
  • You can use it with almost any type of subcompact or full-size weapon
  • The tank-like design is made in the USA.
  • I like how smooth it is to use and how well it pushes sights.


  • Make sure to put some padding around your sights

5. Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool PURSHER for Handguns

This straightforward universal sight push tool from Sylvan can help shorten the time and effort needed to replace your Glock 19’s rear sight or any other compact or sub-compact handgun. For example, I used this pusher to remove the old rear sight from a Glock 19 and put in the new one within minutes.

This certainly works as advertised. As a bonus, it comes with a 3/16 driver for installing and removing front sights on Glocks and a drift pin for disassembling guns. Furthermore, replacing the stock sights on my M&P 9c with tritium/fiber optic sights only took a few minutes.

This was to test if the pusher tool is truly universal or not. This tool kit, weighing in at a hair under 3 pounds, was pleasantly surprising to me, as I was not expecting it to be so heavy. There are a number of high-quality components included in this kit, and all of them appear to be well made.

There are other tools are similar to this one, but most of them are made of aluminum. This one has a solid steel frame. It includes a strip of felt padding as a bonus (a nice addition and one that I would recommend).

It’s highly recommended that you cut moleskin pieces and apply them to all the areas where the slide will meet the tool. A roll of 2-inch felt tape should do the trick. This will prevent your slide from getting scratched.

Sylvan Arms Standard is the most comprehensive compared to other sight pusher tool packages in its price range. Unlike any other sight tool on the market, this one has a specialized pusher block that works with snake eye sights.

As a result of its solid steel frame, this sight pusher tool is extremely durable. The tool isn’t a professional tool, but for the purpose, it’s suited perfectly. Taking the word “universal” seriously, it’s an incredibly versatile tool. You can still use the traditional punch and hammer method if this doesn’t work for you.


  • Most universal sight pusher tool on this list
  • Includes Glock front sight removal and disassembly tool
  • It works on “snake eye” type sights
  • The tool features a thick 9310 steel frame


  • There is a bit of a learning curve to it

6. Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master

This sight pusher tool from Sight Master looks like someone made it from random parts one can find at a hardware store. While this isn’t the sleekest looking sight pusher, it does work really well. In addition, this pusher tool has something very interesting to offer regarding its use.

This pusher worked well for me, so I have no regrets about buying it. However, if you want to make sure everything is lined up properly, you will need to take your time with this. In my case, I lined both sides of the blocks with duct tape before putting them in the vise. By doing so, the gun slide is prevented from being marred.

My next step was to remove the sight from the dovetail groove by slowly pushing it out with a 3/4 socket wrench attached to the bolt head (not the nut). After cleaning the dovetail with alcohol, I gently inserted the new fiber optic sights. This will do the job for about a third of the price of the more expensive tools.

The bottom clamps of the tool will easily scratch the metal if you do not put a piece of leather or similar material between them and your slide. I also use a little piece of leather for the top piece to ensure it doesn’t scratch.

You will find it easier to slowly move the sights if you have a good set of long-handled socket wrenches. In comparison to anything else on the market, notice how large the main screw and bolt are. However, with its full adjustment capability, it can handle most modern handguns, front and rear sights included.

Furthermore, you can get much more leverage with the Sight Master than you would with a typical hand tool, allowing you to remove tough rear sights easily. In addition to the sight pusher tool, two-sided hardened steel plates are also included.

For 1911s, Sig sights, one side is straight, while for Glocks, the other side is angled. However, despite its simplicity, it has quite a bit of power and is well-built. Therefore, it would probably work well with most handguns. However, there is not enough room for larger slides to fit in it.


  • This tool can be used to gain more leverage
  • A hardened steel pusher is included on both sides
  • Screws and bolts are larger
  • An excellent sight pusher tool that is heavy-duty and well-made


No additional blocks are included

Final Words

Handguns with dovetailed slides require the right tools for adjusting, installing, or removing sights. These processes can be accomplished with a punch and hammer, but they will require a lot of time and effort.

Additionally, you may damage your firearms and sights. Using a reputable company’s sight pusher tool offers a simple, efficient, and long-lasting solution.

My work here at Rainier requires me to change sights fairly often, though not as frequently as a gunsmith. In my opinion, the Real Avid would be the perfect sight pusher for the above-average shooter.

My favorite tool, however, is the Wheeler. You can save a few bucks at the checkout by using it. It’s simple and user-friendly. Though it’s budget-friendly,’s Gen 4 is impressively well-made despite its price.

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