Tim Logan

Competitor Profile
Tim Logan is an avid shooter who continues to achieve a high level of success as he enters his fifth year of shooting competitively. Tim is married with two young children who have already shown an interest in the shooting sports. Tim is employed in the Business Insurance Industry and during his 15 years with his Company he has held a variety of Sales and Leadership roles. Currently, Tim leads the Sales Skill Development programs for the Small Business Insurance Underwriting Group.

A lifelong hunter, Tim started shooting pistols competitively near the end of 2012 and achieved the IDPA rank of Expert in Stock Service Pistol within 12 months. In addition to IDPA, Tim is also active in USPSA and 3-Gun Nation. Tim is a very driven individual who loves to compete and actively participates in 3-4 matches per month. In addition to competition, Tim is the Pistol Chairman of the Streetsboro Sportsman Association (a private shooting facility) and actively supports introducing new shooters to the sport during club events.

As a member of Team Rainier Ballistics, Tim proudly shoots the “World’s Finest Copper Plated Bullet” during both training and competition.

Consistently placing at the top of local matches, Tim has also achieved the following accomplishments in Sanctioned Matches:

  • 2016 USPSA Clairton Madness Match: (1st Place Production/B)
  • 2016 IDPA Michigan State Championship: (3rd Place ESP Expert)
  • 2015 IDPA Delaware State Championship: (2nd Place SSP Master)
  • 2015 IDPA Michigan State Championship: (2nd Place SSP Expert)
  • 2014 IDPA Smith & Wesson “Back Up Gun” National Championship: (3rd Place Expert Pistol)
  • 2014 USPSA Tri-State Championship: (1st Place Production/C)
  • 2014 IDPA Michigan State Championship: (3rd Place ESP Expert)
  • 2014 IDPA Great Lakes Regional: (1st Place ESP Sharpshooter)
  • 2013 IDPA Michigan State Championship: (1st Place SSP Marksman)
  • 2013 IDPA East Coast Championship: (1st Place SSP Sharpshooter)

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)
* Stock Service Pistol (SSP): Master
* Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP): Expert
* Compact Carry Pistol (CCP): Expert
* Back Up Gun (BUG): Expert

United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)
* Stock Service Pistol (SSP)
* Production: B
* Limited: C

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