Shooting the 300 Blackout 180gr Wedge bullet at Dimes.

” Shane, I wanted to see how the Rainier Wedge 180grn bullets preformed at distance so I set up my portable bench and placed a target at 200 yards. It was 37 degrees and gusty with up to 14mph cross winds blowing left to right. As usual no special cartridge handling just load the mag and slam the bolt close.”



Rainier Wedge 180 grain flat point 300 Blackout 200 yard subsonic group.

300 Blackout subsonic. Shooting dimes with Rainier Wedge 180 grain flat points out to 100 yards.

“There’s no question that the combination of stress risers and malleable copper plating used in Rainier’s HEX H.P. bullet provides the shooters with an excellent, rapid expanding bullet.” –Tom Burczynski, designer and patent holder of the Starfire, Quik-Shok and Hydra-Shok bullets.

“I have just won the European Championship in practical Pistol Shooting held in Barcelona. And the bullets I used were your 147 grain plated 9 millimeters. Thank you for a great product.” –Flemming Mark Petersen, Norway

“The Executive Council of IPSC does and will encourage the use of plated bullets as we have formal evidence of the health hazards when using non-plated lead bullets.” –J.P. Denis, President, International Practical Shooters Association

Customer @ Dillon Huffman running our #rainierballistics #458socom 350 Grain “plinker” round at 100 yards. #deadly #ammo for #rangeday #gunporn #shooting #ammunition #guns #sniper #bigbore #bigboom #biggerisbetter