About Rainier

Rainier, established in 1983, has grown to become one of the largest plated bullet producers in the world. The rapidly growing popularity of our bullets is due principally, to three factors: (1) their relatively low price, (2) that they result in essentially zero lead vapor emissions when shot and (3) their high degree of accuracy.

All of Rainier manufacturing is done in house. We believe this contributes to the high degree of quality of our bullets. We are open 24 hours a day dedicated solely to the manufacture of copper plated bullets. Rainier extrudes our own lead wire, swages our own bullet cores, does all of our own electroplating and “Restrikes” or re-swages our bullet cores after they have been electroplated. This restriking is highly uncommon in the industry. The result is an accurate, uniform and attractive bullet. In fact, a European customer of ours (that we did not even sponsor!) used our bullets to win the IPSC Championships of Europe.

This new Restrike bullet technology has helped us to earn sales to such ammunition companies as Winchester, PMC / Eldorado Cartridge, Fiocchi, 3D Ammunition, Cor Bon, Master Cartridge, Atomic Ammunition, Optimized Ammunition, Bishop Ammunition, HIgh Country Ammunition, and many more.

In addition to superior accuracy, Rainier bullets also offer the shooter the advantage of generating essentially zero lead vapor when shot. When either lead or traditional jacketed bullets (with their exposed lead bases) are shot, substantial harmful lead vapor is formed. Ranges around the world have repeatedly found that switching to Rainier LeadSafe™ bullets substantially reduces lead vapor levels. In fact, the owner of the largest indoor shooting range in Paris recently told us that their examination indicated a reduction of airborne lead vapor levels, after switching to our bullets, by a factor of 40X.

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