Why I use Rainier Ballistics Bullets, Even Before They Became One of My Sponsors

According to sponsored pro shooter Ron Gunner, Rainier Ballistics work and have never failed him. Details

Feeding and loading out 9mm 1911 build with Redding, Starline and Rainier Ballistics (Part 2)

Article focuses on peripherals such as brass, bullets, dies, magazines and optics. Details

Loading Plated Bullets

Check out this article to learn how to load accurate plated bullet ammo. Details

On Target

Introducing the Wedge, the first dedicated subsonic expanding300 BLK Bullet. Details

Reloading for the Glock G40

See why Rainier’s plated bullets have the edge in the affordability department. Details

SHOT Report: Rainier Ballistics Introduces “The Wedge,” a subsonic 300 BLK Bullet

Be sure to check out the industry’s first dedicated, subsonic 300 BLK bullet called “The Wedge” produced by Rainier Ballistics. Details

Rock Island 10mm Upgrade and Review: Caspian Slide + C-More RTS2 Optic + Magpul Grips

Guns & Tech writer, Rob Kay, used Ranier Ballistics’ plated 10 mm 180 gn HP bullet and found it was accurate and less expensive than jacketed offerings during his gun review. Details

Review of Rock Island Armory’s 10mm 1911, the PRO Match Ultra 6″ – an Affordable Tack Driver

Rob Kay, outdoor writer with Guns & Tech, tested Rainier Ballistics’ 180 gr plated HP over 12.5 gr Accurate #9 at 25 yards offhand when conducting a gun review.

According to Kay, “it was a great load and an excellent bullet.” Details

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