Morgan S. Allen

  • Member of US Team @ 2011 IDPA World Championship
  • 32-time IDPA State & Regional match Division Champion
  • 6 top 5 Division finishes @ National Championships
  • IDPA Novice to Master in 14 Months
  • 2005 fired pistol for first time
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • UPSPA Range Officer
  • IDPA Safety Officer
  • PPC Master

At ranges where I practice, local monthly matches where I test my training, or at championship events across the country, I’m routinely asked about the gun, magazines, ammo, holsters, and other equipment I use. Those questions inevitably drift toward questions about what I prefer for every day concealed carry and personal protection in my home.

I value the time I spend connecting with fellow shooters on this topic because I know that having the best equipment is just as important as having the skills needed to become proficient.

My passion for winning genuinely equates to a desire to help shooters of all experience levels achieve their goals, and then exceed them.

Having progressed from a first time shooter to a state champion within two years, I consider myself in a unique position to offer first-hand experience with what works and what doesn’t to shooters of all skill levels. The experience has also afforded me exposure to a very wide and deep audience. I hope to continue to increase my sporting participation through the support of like-minded sponsors that are themselves interested in creating new market niches, or expanding and deepening existing ones.

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