Jason Hall

Jason Hall

I have been reloading and shooting with Rainier Ballistics bullets since I won a box from a local match some years ago. Rainier Ballistics is a strong supporter of shooting sports and shooters, and I am proud to represent such a great company that makes a quality product!

I love competing in USPSA and Steel Challenge Competitions, and I am an avid competitor in the Pacific Northwest. I love the diversity of local matches we have available here, and enjoy being able to shoot with my wife and kids as well as some great competitors in this region! In the 2017 season, I started competing at major USPSA matches and went to my first Area and National Championships, as well as traveling to several state championships. I have really enjoyed competing at higher levels, and look forward to the challenges that lay ahead.

I hope to see you on the range!

USPSA Highlights:

  • 2017 Hawktech Idaho Sectional Championship: 2nd A-Class Production, and 1st B-Class Limited.
  • 2017 CZ USA Iron Sights Nationals: 18th A-Class and 80th overall in Production.
  • 2017 Washington State Championship: 2nd A-Class Production.
  • 2017 Northwest Section Championship Series: 2nd Overall in Production.
  • 2017 Oregon State USPSA Championship: 1st B-Class Production.
  • 2017 Area 1 USPSA Championship: 3rd B-Class Production.
  • 2016 Washington State USPSA Championship: 1st C-class Production.
  • 2016 Northwest Section Championship Series: 1st C-class Production.

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