Craig Outzen

Shooting Bio 2017

Craig Outzen is a 20yr. professional Fireman/Paramedic with the rank of Captain working for the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) in Salt Lake County UT.  He is also a Reserve Officer for the Unified Police Department (UPD).  His drive to excel and perform at the highest levels has resulted in extensive time spent assigned to specialty units in both departments.  He has spent many years in the UFA’s Heavy Rescue Program, Recruit Instructor Cadre as well as serving as a SWAT Team member and Firearms Instructor for the UPD.  In addition, Craig is an active member of Utah Task Force 1, one of 28 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams located throughout the nation.  He holds multiple certifications (Rescue Specialist, Medical Specialist, and Heavy Rigging Specialist) and has deployed multiple times with UTTF-1 including the World Trade Center on 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Boulder Colorado floods in 2013.

A lifetime firearms enthusiast, he began shooting trap competitively as a young boy.  After completing college and establishing his career he began shooting action pistol matches and eventually shot his first multigun match in 2005.   The unlimited challenge and complexity of 3 Gun soon grew to become his sole shooting focus.  Given his passion for 3 Gun and his drive for performance, Craig has become one of the most formidable multigun shooters in the nation.   He has been a perennial qualifier and participant in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series since its inception in 2010 and is a consistent top competitor at any national level event he attends (14 events in 2015).  An additional highlight to his shooting career has been representing the US National Team in Hungary at the 2012 and again in Italy at the 2015 International Practical Shooting Confederation World Shotgun Championships.

For the past several years Craig has not only maintained his shooting activities but also coupled extensive product and manufacturer representation into the mix as well.  Not only does he maintain an active social media presence, but he also has been involved with the marketing, advertising, testing, and development of multiple products.  He utilizes his gregarious and affable personality to consistently create positive interactions with all of the many individuals he meets during his active competition schedule.

In recent years Craig has also begun combining his experience teaching with his exceptional shooting knowledge to instruct both newcomers and seasoned competitors alike. Most notably he has been a repeat instructor at the MGM Targets 3 Gun Junior Camp.  MGM camps have become renowned for helping to produce the next crop of responsible gun owners and competitive shooting superstars.  The reward of working with junior shooters has been one of the very best experiences of his shooting career.

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