Cliff Walsh “Top Shot”

I have been shooting competitively since 2003. I have been lucky enough to shoot all across the US and around the world. I shoot USPSA, IPSC, ICORE, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, Pro-Am, 3 Gun, GSSF,and IDPA. I love to shoot revolvers. My first revolver was a Christmas present and I have been hooked ever since. I have accomplished many things over the years but there are a few that are special. In 2005 and 2011, I was part of the US national revolver team at the world championships in Ecuador and Greece. We won both times. In 2009, I was the US national revolver champion. In 2011, I was chosen to be a contestant on the History Channel show Top Shot. Shooting has taken me to wonderful places and introduced me to great friends. I count myself fortunate to be called a Shooter.

For 2017, I am changing gears and shooting Carry Optics division in USPSA. I have not shot with a red dot sight before so this should be a good challenge for me. I will be using a 9mm to shoot matches. I have used Rainier 115’s, 124’s, and 147’s so far and all have preformed very well. I think the 147’s are my favorite due to the lower recoil at minor power factor. If you have a good load for a 9, feel free to send it me.

I have used Rainier Bullets in almost every match I have ever shot from a weekend fun match to the USPSA nationals. They are cost effective enough to shoot for practice and accurate enough to shoot in a world championship. Rainier Bullets are also one of the most consistent bullets I have ever seen. The last two times my ammo was chronographed at a match, my 200 grain RN 45’s weighed 200.0 and 199.8. On top of the accuracy and consistency, Rainier Bullets also reduce lead vapor emissions. I have won many matches over the years and using Rainier Bullets was one of the reasons why.

Feel free to contact me though my Facebook page if you have any questions or just want to chat.

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