Best Under bed Gun Safe

7 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Picked by Experts In 2022

Weapon safety and storage should be the top priority for all gun owners. Being an avid gun collector myself, I always make sure you store all my weapons inside a gun safe whenever I am done tinkering with them.

A firearm is not a toy, and you should never leave it out in the open. But there is an underlying issue here that even I cannot ignore. Sure, you can store your gun in your large gun vault, but if your home falls under attack, there is no easy way to get to it.

And if you cannot get your weapons to protect yourself in that situation, there is no point to having a gun in the first place.

Well, for that, I have the perfect solution – get the best under bed gun safe ! These low profile safes are designed to go under your bed and store one or two weapons near you as you sleep.

That way, even if a burglar breaks into your house, you can easily access your weapons without having to head for your large safe. So, you will never get caught off-guard.

In this article, I will talk about some of the top under bed gun safes in the market and try to leave you with a few good options to choose from. So, without further delay, let us get started.

BEST Value
43.3″(Width) x 12″(Depth) x 4.33
Editor’s Choice
40″W x 22″D x 6″H
The Best $$$
42” x 15.25” x 10”
Compact Choice
12 x 3.5 x 42
Ultimate Security
Height: 6.5″ Width: 47″ Depth: 13
Teen Titans!
11 x 2.5 x 8

Top 7 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

Under bed gun safes comes in a lot of different sizes and price ranges. But the one you buy must meet your specific requirements like:

  • How many guns do you want to store?
  • What types of weapons do you have?
  • Or what is your preferred mode of entry?

All of these questions play a major role in your selection. Below I will highlight some of my favorite under bed gun safes that I have used in the past to make things a bit easier for you.

1. BBRKIN Under The Bed Gun Safe For Guns & Rifles

BBRKIN Under The Bed Gun Safe

I’ll be honest; BBRKIN is not a brand that I usually go to when I am shopping for a new safe. But I have to admit that this one is one of the finest out there when it comes to under bed units. Now I don’t mind giving credit where credit is due, and if you are on the market for the best under bed rifle safe, this can be a great pickup.

This under bed rifle storage features a slim, low-profile design that you can fit in tight spaces without too much issue. Not only does it work great when you put it under the bed, but you can also set it up under large furniture or even vehicles. It is extremely discreet by design and does not draw any unwanted attention to itself once you set it up.

The gun safe comes with a solid steel wall boasting tamper-resistant inner walls making it truly impervious to any sort of tampering. And if someone does try to break into it, the door is equipped with an alarm mechanism that goes off the moment it detects any tamper attempts.

Its primary locking mechanism is a digital keypad allowing you to use an access code to quickly open it up. The drawer opens up fast, giving you almost instant access to your firearms if you need them in an emergency. You still get a set of backup keys to open it up manually.

Furthermore, the interior space is quite decent, giving you ample area to store up to two long guns along with a handful of small items and accessories. Since the interior is lined with thick padding, you do not need to worry about scratching your weapons when you store them away.

It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes eliminating a lot of the hassles of the initial setup. The electronic features require batteries to function, but a single set should last you quite a while. Despite its top-notch quality, the price of the safe is surprisingly reasonable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-access digital keypad
  • Tamper-resistant steel walls and inner edges
  • Can store two long guns
  • Built-in alarm system

2. SnapSafe Under Bed Gun Safe, Gun Storage and Security

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage and Security

While BBRKIN might not be the brand you are looking for, SnapSafe should give you no reason to doubt it. This is one of the top brands out there for gun safes, and the SnapSafe under bed safe can be a prime pickup if you are looking for premium build and quality.

The small, low-profile design of this gun safe makes it an extremely versatile option for gun owners. You can put it under the bed, under your car, or even inside your closet to hide your weapons from plain sight. It is deceptively large yet hard to spot once you set it up properly.

I really love the build quality of this under bed gun safe with its alloy steel walls and completely flush design. This means that if a burglar attempts to break into the gun safe, he will have a difficult time finding any leverage to try and pry it open. And since the walls are made of 14-gauge thick steel, brute-forcing your way through it is next to impossible.

This under bed long gun safe comes with an electronic lock and a digital keypad as its primary security mechanism. You can set up a three to eight-digit key code to access the interior of the safe. In addition, a set of backup keys is included with your purchase if you would rather go with manual access.

The interior design is pretty spacious and comes with thick padding to protect your belongings against any damage. For long gun owners, this might be the best under bed shotgun safe without question. Don’t worry; you will still have enough space to store other small items and valuables inside it as well.

Since the safe comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, getting it set up is pretty effortless. As a bonus, the manufacturers also throw in a high-quality 5-foot steel tether if you do not want to bolt it down. It also comes in handy if you would rather use the gun safe in your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • 14-gauge thick steel walls
  • Comes with an electronic keypad
  • Spacious interior design
  • Comes with a 5-feet cable for mounting

3. Hornady Rapid Under Bed Safe For Rifles & Shotguns

 Hornady Rapid Under Bed Safe For Rifles & Shotguns

For my next pick, I will go with another premium brand in the industry that manufactures high-end gun safes named Hornady. The Hornady under bed gun safe comes at a similar price range to the other two options that I reviewed so far but gives you a few extra features that might seem appealing to some.

But let’s talk about its versatility first. While the other gun safes that I talked about have a slide-out drawer, this one comes with a door. At first glance, it might seem like a bad thing. However, once you give it a chance, you will find that this design for this particular bed frame gun safe is not a bad decision at all.

The gun safe features a strong, pry-resistant design that meets all the ASTM standards for child safety and firearm protection. It is made with high-quality 16-gauge steel and comes with four internal locking lugs to ensure complete protection against burglars.

If you want an under-the-bed gun safe that will store your home defense weapons, this is the best option. Based on the size of the Rapid Safe, it can store two to three firearms. It has a four-digit digital keypad along with backup keys to access the interior.

However, what makes it special is its third mode of entry. When you buy the gun safe, you get five RFID tags that you can use to open it up without using the keypad. This offers a faster entry method that comes in handy in a real emergency.

The interior spacing is pretty decent. While the inclusion of gun racks for two long guns does seem like a good thing, it takes up a lot of room inside the gun safe. You can still store a couple of small items, but it does get cramped if you want to put too many items inside it.

Mounting the gun safe under your bed is not that difficult. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and also gives you a 1500 pounds rated steel cable for easy installation. You also have the option of hooking it up to an AC power source if you do not want to take the hassle of replacing the batteries for electronic features.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent build quality
  • Built-in gun racks on the inside
  • You can use RFID tags to access the safe
  • It can be powered via an AC power source

4. V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Under Bed Long Gun Safe

V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Under Bed Long Gun Safe

V-Line is another well-known brand that I just cannot avoid when I am talking about the best under bed safes. Their 31242-SA might not have a whole lot of features, but if you want a secure lockbox for your AR or Shotgun, this can be a great pickup at an affordable price.

This gun safe can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. So not only does it work great as an under the bed gun safe, but you can also set it up to work as a closet shelf. Its discreet, low-profile design does not attract too much attention and keeps your firearm safe and out of sight quite efficiently.

This underbed rifle safe is made using top-grade 16-gauge steel. So you can bet that nobody is getting through its shell with sheer force. Furthermore, the flush design of the gun safe gives zero leverage for any prying attempts. It also has a powder-coated texture finish to protect it against rust or corrosion.

The primary locking mechanism of the unit is a KABA Simplex mechanical lock. Because of its fully mechanical design, you do not need to hook it up to any external power source. As a backup, you also get a set of keys to access the safe if you need to.

Keep in mind that this gun safe is designed to hold your weapons and a handful of accessories at the most. While the interior is padded, it might not be the best place to store your valuables. It can hold a single long gun inside pretty easily, along with its accessories. But other than that, you do not have too much space inside.

It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, though, which means you will be able to set it up quite effortlessly. You also get a Velcro strap inside the gun safe to safely tether your long guns inside it. Its blend of a simple design and an affordable price tag makes it a great choice for people who want a safe place to store their firearms.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Fully mechanical Simplex locking system
  • Comes with backup keys
  • It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally

5. Secure It Under Bed Safe Fast Box 47

Secure It Under Bed Safe Fast Box 47

If you are looking for the largest under bed gun safe, then the Under Bed Safe Fast Box 47 by the brand Secure It might be a good option for you. Having used it in the past, I can say that it ticks all the right boxes that a user looks for when shopping for a gun safe to securely store their firearms.

This unit boasts a lightweight design which some might consider a bad thing. However, its lighter weight is a good thing for this type of gun safe as that means you will put less stress on your bed once you get it set up. Besides, the weight has little to no impact on its overall build quality.

It is made using high-grade welded steel. So you do not need to worry about someone breaking into the safe using drills or prying tools. The back of the gun safe has a louvered panel that comes in handy if you want to mount it vertically inside a closet.

This gun safe features a four-digit electronic keypad along with backup keys to access it manually. It also boasts a spring-loaded door that pops open instantly to give you quick access to your firearms the moment you input the proper code. So you will be able to respond to emergency situations quicker and easier.

Inside the gun safe, you will have enough space to store two of your choice long guns. The inside is lined with neoprene pads to make sure your belongings do not get scratched. You can also purchase separate vertical storage kits if you want to mount your weapons vertically.

Installation is simple and straightforward, and since it comes with pre-drilled holes, it should not take you too long. It is a great choice for your home to protect against intruders. But you can also set it up in an office cabinet if you want to keep a firearm close to you while you work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large storage space
  • It can be mounted vertically and horizontally
  • Lightweight design
  • Strong and durable construction

6. Titan Under Bed Handgun Safe Pistol Vault

Titan Under Bed Handgun Safe Pistol Vault

The Titan Under Bed Handgun Safe Pistol Vault is for those who do not want or need to store long guns. It is designed to hold pistols or handguns only, and it does that perfectly. If you want a truly quick-access gun safe that gets you weapon-ready within seconds, this is your pick.

This is a compact gun safe that is meant to hold your pistol only. So naturally, it does not give you too much space to work with. But what makes it truly versatile is that you can also use it extremely well as a portable gun safe that you set up in your car.

The gun safe is made using 14-gauge hardened steel. It is also designed to offer you full protection against any sort of tampering. This means that prying attempts or drill attacks should have little to no impact on its security. Honestly, I was quite surprised by the sturdiness of this compact pistol safe.

For its locking mechanism, this unit uses a Simplex combination lock that offers quick and easy access to your handgun. You also get a set of backup keys, but to be honest, the primary lock is extremely intuitive that you are not likely to ever use the backup keys.

The interior space of this unit is tight. It comes with a built-in weapon holster to hold your pistol at the ready. A separate compartment holds a single round of ammunition. And the moment you unlock the safe, the pistol and ammunition pop out for you to deploy instantly.

As you can see, this gun safe is really not designed to hold your valuables. Instead, it gives you an efficient way to get to your weapon and set it up if you ever run into any high-stress situation. If that is what you want out of your under the bed gun safe, then this one is a no-brainer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and portable design
  • Comes with a built-in holster
  • Fast and efficient weapon deployment
  • Fully mechanical design

7. MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Safe

Under Bed Safe

I will be wrapping up my reviews of the Best under bed gun safes with a low-profile unit by the brand MonsterVault. If you have been a gun owner for some time, you must have heard of this brand by now. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality gun safes that do not cost you an arm and a leg.

This particular model is a good choice regardless of whether you want to install it vertically or horizontally. It works great in both orientations. So you can expect it to give you a good experience even if you want to set it up under your furniture or inside your cabinet.

This monster vault under bed safe features a double-wall design with 16-gauge cold-rolled steel construction. The front door comes with an additional 12-gauge steel plate to protect it against drill attacks. And two half-inch bolts on the inside ensure complete and utter security against any intruders.

For its primary locking mechanism, it uses a digital keypad reprogrammable to use any three to eight digits access code that you want. You also get two barrel keys to access the device manually if you forget to replace the batteries. It also has a Keypress Silent Operation that eliminates keypad sounds to ensure quiet operation.

The gun safe offers ample storage space inside the padded drawer. You should be able to store up to three long guns along with plenty of ammunition and small key items inside them without running out of space. And since the padding is quite thick, you do not have to worry about scratching your belongings.

It also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes to make installation easier. The best part about it is its warranty, though, which protects your investment for quite a while. It is a simple and straightforward gun safe that offers you good storage space and top-notch security at an extremely reasonable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent build quality
  • Massive storage space
  • Keypress silent operation mode
  • It comes with a high-quality electronic lock

Why Do I Need An Under The Bed Gun Safe?

In many cases, convenience will be the determining factor when choosing a good under the bed gun safe. Many people living in apartments, townhouses, and other similar situations may not have the ability to own a traditional gun safe of any kind.

For them, under bed gun storage is the only viable option. Also, many gun safes are large and quite heavy, so it may have something to do with their size.

A large gun safe may take up too much room. I don’t think it would be easy to repeatedly move a gun safe weighing 400 pounds up multiple flights of stairs.

There is no question that a gun safe of this size may pose problems in terms of safety and support! However, there are also cases where you may not be required to have anything larger than an under-the-bed gun safe if you do not have a large firearm collection.

This type of safety device, as the name implies, slides under the bed and serves as a gun safe. Over the past few years, they have gained enormous popularity and are worth mentioning. I have become addicted to the under-bed gun safes and even purchased one for my collection.

1. It Is Easy To Get To At Night

Gun safes under the bed can also be designed to open quickly. So you can store your home defense long gun safely in this way and still have easy access to it.

In the middle of the night, if you hear something moving and want to defend yourself, you can roll out of bed, slide open the safe, and protect yourself. Thanks to the size of these under-bed gun safes, it is very easy to store a long gun beneath the bed and access it whenever needed.

Because of their general design, it’s easy to grab the gun and fire it. As a result, these safes are usually very easy to open and allow you to access your firearms without fighting against other guns inside the safe.

You can keep your firearm stocked with ammunition, an optic, a sling, light, and more, ready for use. In addition, under-the-bed safes let you access and use your weapon whenever possible, even in the middle of the day.

2. To Enhance Security

You will experience higher levels of security from an under-bed safe than from a minimalist gun safe. But is it better than a full-sized gun safe that weighs 400 pounds? Although an under-bed gun safe isn’t the safest choice, its nature helps make it more secure than other compact safes.

Honestly, we have all probably tucked a mess under our bed to hide it from sight at some point. The same rule applies. It doesn’t draw attention to itself or stand out under the bed.

It’s easy to conceal, and you can keep it secure. However, it is important to note that hiding your under-the-bed gun safe won’t get you far and should not be your sole method of securing it.

3. It’s Easy To Mount

It is very easy to mount a gun safe under bed. In addition, a bolted under-the-bed safe is much safer than traditional compact safes because it engages more of the floor than a conventional compact safe.

Plus, they are often attached to heavy objects by cables. For example, my bed is secured to the floor with cables and is linked to the bed frame so that to make it move, you have to either cut the bed or cut the cords.

To open that safe, you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort. I can assure you of that. I had to put a lot of effort into getting the safe there, to begin with.

4. Definitely A Worthy Investment

A gun safe under the bed offers plenty of room for storing a long defensive gun and can be a much more affordable alternative to a big, heavy safe that could look more at home in a bank than in your bedroom. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for investing in an under-bed gun safe.

You would not want to keep your handgun in some enormous, cumbersome gun safe if you plan on using it for self-defense, you will rather keep it under your bed where you will be able to carry it when the need arises.

A lot of under-the-bed gun safes are now equipped with biometric fingerprint locks, thus allowing the user to reach their firearm quickly and easily by simply touching their finger.

You’ll save a lot of time accessing your firearm by eliminating the need to enter a combination or look for a key. If you have children, you should seriously consider this feature.

In addition to acting as gun safes, they also slide under your bed. Their popularity has increased in recent years, and they should not be overlooked. My own safe collection even includes an under-bed gun safe. 

The Best Under The Bed Gun Safe For Shotguns & Rifles – Features & Things To Consider Before Buying One

People do not like to see their homes violated, even just for a few dollars. Most people will not even consider allowing someone else to walk away with their guns.

There’s been kind of an anti-gun movement in our country, which makes it the perfect time to opt for a gun safe. So, if you are like me and want to keep guns close by at all times, go with a gun safe that you can mount under your bed.

In addition to being highly versatile, safes that go under the bed are simple to use and can be installed anywhere. They can indeed go almost anywhere. Among other things, they can be shoved into a truck bed along with your loads of goods.

A gun safe that’s under the bed is very different from a gun safe that’s in bed. This type of safe is highly versatile. If you are hauling them on the back of a truck, make sure they are securely strapped to the bed.

It would now be convenient for you to have a built-in option for storing your goodies when you are traveling. There are a few factors to consider when choosing an under-bed gun safe.

As a first step, you must decide whether you want a safe with a door or a drawer, a decision that is actually quite important. In addition, make sure that the safe really is safe and not simply a glorified lock box by evaluating its construction.

In addition to choosing a lock for your safe, you must also take into consideration the type of gun safe lock that you need.

An Effective Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism of a safe is most likely to fail, so make sure you invest in a good lock. Most under-bed safes use electronic locks, which are a good option if you want to store your stuff regularly.

If this is the route you decide to take, make sure the lock on the safe is UL rated to remain reliable over the long run.

You should always ensure that the electronic lock is positioned in an area where it won’t be susceptible to damage from water spills, such as where the lock will not likely get wet.

Choose a mechanical lock over an electronic one if you need access in the middle of the night. It is important to have a gun that is durable, reliable, and easy to use in the dark while responding to bumps in the night.

A mechanical lock, such as a Simplex lock, performs better in terms of performance and reliability than a keyed or electronic lock found on many under-bed safes.


The popularity of RFID locks has been increasing in recent years. In addition to providing security through a fingerprint, they also offer the speed that biometric safes claim but frequently do not deliver.

A quick scan of an RFID chip programmed to the safe is all it takes for this battery-free, signal-based key system. The safe opens when the receiver scans the chip in the chip in it, so you can grab your gun and go. You can use any kind of RFID chip you like.

Among Hornady’s most popular inventions are bracelets, key chains, cards, and chips with sticky backs that allow them to attach to almost anything. In this way, you are always able to have a key at hand at all times.

Biometric Locks

It’s no secret that biometric locks are a new trend. It seems that everyone wants to have one of these locks installed. You can use fingerprints, iris scans, voice, or anything you want for a lock that reads biometrics.

Fingerprints seem to be the most common in gun safes. By swiping your finger across the scanner, the safe opens. It is fast, convenient, and simple to use. I suppose it would be the case, but most biometric locks do not work very well.

Many of them have already been tried, but they still do not seem as successful as they should be. They can sometimes fail to read your finger properly, and you will have to try over and over again until they can successfully do so.

I just do not think the technology is there yet for these products to be a reliable option for a safe that will be used for defensive purposes. An under-bed safe with a biometric lock can be perfect if you never need to access it quickly.

However, if you plan to use this to store home defense guns, you may want to consider another locking system. That being said, we have recently seen new fingerprint scanner gun safes that are very proven to be reliable.

Lock & Keys

It should be no surprise that traditional lock and key designs are extremely useful. In my experience, every safe I have seen on the market comes with a lock and a key. In addition, a backup key option is available for all biometrics, numeric codes, and RFID options.

There is nothing more analog than a lock and key. Your safe doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. However, it requires you to have a key to open it, which may be a bit time-consuming.

On the other hand, it is true that when these safes have been stripped of their electronics, they can become a little cheaper. That is why most mechanical pistol safes are under 200 bucks.

Digital Keypads

One of the most popular ways to quickly open a safe is quick access, a numerical combination that only requires a few digits to be entered. Usually, it is a four-digit or six-digit combination to unlock the safe quickly.

This is a common and very easy method of opening a safe. Put your pin into the box, and you’re all set. Just type in the code, and boom, you’re done.

An illuminated keypad is typically what you need. Therefore, if it is dark, you can view the buttons easily and access them when needed.

When it comes to the buttons on my under-the-bed safe, I prefer nice, big buttons. To gain access to your firearms, these locks are a very rapid way of opening your safe.

The Quality Of The Construction

The construction quality of a gun safe is crucial to its success as a good gun safe. To make a good buying decision on your under-bed gun safe, you should start by checking how thick the steel is.

16-gauge steel is the lowest range, but 12- to 10-gauge would be ideal but rare. Make sure you pay attention to any weak points at the joints, hinges, lid, and any other places where the product has inherent weaknesses.

For example, there should be fewer gaps and smaller, and hinge pins that are captured should be used. Also, note whether the safe has anchors to secure it to a fixed object, such as the floor. If it does not, you should not buy it.

Dimensions And Size Of The Under Bed Safe

It is important to check the dimensions of an under-bed gun safe before you purchase it. Some may be too long and impossible to install. This guide features gun safes that are all sized in a way that makes them easy to mount under beds, couches, and inside cars.

Types Of Under-Bed Safes For Firearms

A typical under-bed safe is made of steel and is fixed under the bed frame. The two most popular types of under-bed gun safes are the drawer style and the door style.

Drawer Style Under Bed Safes

A lockable drawer is sometimes used in place of a door on under-bed gun safes. It is pretty much a given that such safes have drawers that slide out from the long side.

There may be a drawer-equipped under-bed safe that opens at the end rather than the side in the hidden recesses of the open market, but I have never seen one.

Drawers generally eat up usable storage space in under-bed gun safes, but not as much as tray-equipped door-style safes.

Due to the decreased storage space, making a safe that fits underneath most bed frames is a bit more challenging.

Door Style Under Bed Safes

An under-bed gun safe with a door is one of the most popular types. There is a lockable access door on these safes, as you would expect.

Sometimes, an under-bed safe will have its door located at one end of the body, but normally it will be on the long side. The sliding storage tray on door-equipped under-bed gun safes is a handy feature.

Despite their rarity, these trays inevitably consume valuable storage space in a safe. However, they make it easier to access and organize the contents of your gun safe.

Weight Of The Safe

If you have purchased a safe, you should make sure that it is not too bulky. In any case, it should be easy for you to drill the holes under the bed or on any other surface.

It may not be ideal for you to drill holes in the floor if you live in an apartment. If you must drill holes in the floor, you will need to pick a safe that matches your bed or your furniture.

Storage Capacity For Guns

It is essential that you check the capacity of the gun safe before investing in one to ensure that it can hold all your items. In addition, if you are looking for a gun safe that can accommodate your type of gun, then you need to check its dimensions.

The type of bed you have should influence the kind of gun safe model that you choose since beds come in a variety of designs. Make sure the safe opens and closes smoothly beneath the bed.

California Department Of Justice Approved Safes

You must confirm that a gun safe is approved by the appropriate bodies that deal with firearm safety before investing in it to get the best value for your money. As an example, it should meet the requirements of the Department of Justice in California.


Some under-bed gun safes are more difficult to use than others. As such, you will have to check each feature to ensure you fully understand how each feature operates.

Another thing you need to consider is installation. Is there any mounting hardware that comes with it, or is it pre-drilled? By doing this, you’ll be able to pick the most user-friendly and convenient one.

Price Range

Gun safes under beds are an ideal place to store your weapons when you need to keep them safe. In most instances, these are large, sturdy, and difficult to break into, making them inaccessible to thieves. The downside, however, is that they are also often very expensive.

A safe for under the bed can go for a price ranging from $400 to $1000, but some could be more expensive or cheaper depending on how many features it provides and what materials were used in the construction.

1. Premium

Safes with a price tag over $800 often include high levels of theft protection and have a large amount of body mass at both the scale and the register. In addition to their price tags, many of these safes have a fireproof rating.

2. Mid-range

A safe between $400 and $800 is an affordable, secure, and reliable option that usually offers a good balance between affordability and security.

If you decide to use an electronic lock for your safety, you should still ensure that the safe you choose has a UL-listed lock. It should be noted, however, that most of these safes are quite sturdy and can withstand a good deal of punishment.

3. Budget

Safes that cost less than $300 are usually considered “barebones,” but that doesn’t mean they are poor quality. It is worth looking for a safe with a UL listing since electronic locks in these safes may or may not earn a UL listing.

It is also possible that they may skimp on the build quality, so if possible, check one out in a retail store before making a purchase.

Under The Bed Gun Safe Buying Tips

Over time, you learn a few tips and tricks about selecting and using products that have been around for decades. Under-bed gun safes are the same for us. Here are some of the things we’ve learned along the way to help bridge the information gap.

Your home defense weapon should always be within reach in the event of a home invasion. The under-the-bed safe is designed to do exactly that. It provides security and easy access.

You can rest assured that you are equipped with a gun safe that is easily accessible. Think about the simplest method to remove the portion of the frame where your safe is attached from home if you plan to make that attachment to your bed frame.

Some metal frames can be easily dismantled with a screwdriver, wrench, or ratchet, and some wooden bed frames can easily be torn apart with a saw from your garage.

To ensure that your safe has enough space between it and the floor, you will want to measure the clearance height between your bed frame and the floor. Some beds are very low to the ground, and many gun safes do not fit under them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would you want to hide a gun safe under your bed?

There are two main reasons for this. First, it is a good idea to keep an under-bed gun safe nearby since long guns cannot be kept in bedside gun safes. A floor-mounted under-bed safe is your best choice if you have a very small arsenal or limited storage options.

2. What are the best places to buy under-bed gun safes?

There are many places to buy under-the-bed gun safes. However, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay tend to be the most popular.

You must exercise caution when purchasing these kinds of products online because there is no way to know whether they are genuine or not. Therefore, before you decide to make a purchase online, always conduct your own research.

3. Can under-bed gun safes withstand fire?

Under-bed gun safes offer varying levels of fire, heat, and water resistance; however, most do not provide adequate protection.

4. How do you install a gun safe under your bed?

Under the bed safes are generally easy to install because they are pre-drilled and come with pre-installed hardware. To install the safe, simply use the slots provided to bolt it to the floor.

5. Is there anything I can put in my under bed gun safe to absorb moisture?

Choose between a safe dehumidifier and a desiccant moisture absorber, depending on your safe’s requirements.

A dehumidifier requires electricity, so wiring options must be considered. The desiccant containers, however, do not require electrical power and must instead be refilled in an oven with a warm water bath.

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6. What is the best way to secure a safe? The floor or the bed?

On the floor. It is much easier to disassemble or hack your bed frame into pieces than your floor. It is also true that floor-mounted safes are superior to bed-mounted safes in terms of safeguarding their anchoring hardware.

Final Thoughts

The truth is, buying an under bed gun safe is a lot harder than buying a large one to store all your weapons and valuables. Here, the priority is not the interior space but rather how quickly you can get to your weapon in case of an emergency.

Hopefully, my extensive review of the best under bed gun safe could help you figure out which unit is better suited to your needs. Good luck!

Still, I tried to make your choice as easy as possible by giving you a wide range of options. Regardless of which one you go with; I am confident that you will have a good experience with your new gun safe.

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