Best Nightstand Gun Safe

Top 11 Nightstand Gun Safes of May 2023: Secure and Accessible

If you’re searching for the best nightstand gun safe, then your search ends right here! But with so many options to choose from, finding the right one can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why I’ve gone ahead and put the top 11 nightstand gun safes of 2023 to the test, so that you don’t have to. This list has been carefully curated based on crucial factors like security, accessibility, and durability. So, save yourself the trouble and take a look at my comprehensive list to find the best gun safe that suits your requirements.

Top Pick
Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe
  • With its rock-solid construction and tamper-proof design, you can rest assured that your weapon is always secure and ready when you need it most.
for Budget
V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage Security Locker
  • The perfect budget-friendly option for securing your guns. Its compact size and easy-to-use keyless lock make it a convenient and discreet solution for keeping your firearms out of the wrong hands
BARSKA Biometric Safe
BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • Its advanced biometric technology ensures quick and easy access only to authorized users, providing peace of mind and top-level protection.

Here Are My Recommended 11 Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews

I’ve gone to great lengths to bring you the best of the best. After hours of intensive research, I’ve handpicked 11 top-notch nightstand gun safes that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. 

We’re talking about safes that are built to last, with unrivaled reliability and performance. So, if you’re looking for a safe that you can count on to protect you and your loved ones, sit tight and get ready for some serious recommendations.

1. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

Fort Knox Brand PB1  Bedside Table Gun Safe

Starting off our list of reviews for the best bedside gun safe, I have the Fort Knox Original PB1. Known for their exceptional quality full-size gun safes, these guys have been in the business for a while.

Applying the same expertise to create portable pistol safes is what landed them here.

The Fort Knox PB1 is perfect for anyone looking to fit their pistol in a compact safe. The design of the box is well-optimized to reduce the usage of any unnecessary space on your bedside table.

Its mountable feature will keep the safe firmly fixed on your tabletop, ready to be used whenever you need it.

In addition to its sturdy 10-gauge steel construction, the Fortress Small Personal Pistol Safe features a reinforced top door with a wrap-around design, further enhancing its durability and strength. 

The robust build of the safe is so impressive that it’s nearly impossible to make a dent in it. You can rest assured that your firearms and other valuable items will remain secure and protected inside this fortress-like safe.

Furthermore, the safe uses a simple mechanical lock which, from our perspective, is the easiest to use and also hassle-free.

Using mechanical buttons to unlock does not require the use of batteries which saves your time and long-term expenses. The clicking of the buttons doesn’t feel cheap either, giving you quick access to your belongings whenever you need them.


  • Tough and durable build
  • Large storage space
  • Easy to use simplex lock
  • Pre-drilled holes to make mounting easier


  • It weighs more than most safes on the market
YouTube video
In-depth view of the Fort Knox Pistol safe

2. Vaultek 10 Series Lightweight Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe

Vaultek 10 Series Nightstand Gun Safe With Fingerprint

Right out of the box, you can tell that the VT10i has a robust build. While super lightweight, the box is highly resistant to drops and dents.

Vaultek has given you not one but four different options to choose from when it comes to locking mechanisms. Based on your convenience, you can decide which method works best for you.

The safe features the usual PIN or key unlocking while also allowing Bluetooth connectivity and fingerprint unlocking. Unlike most safes, the biometric scanner works fast to give quick access.

One of the main drawbacks of using smart safes is their battery life. Vaultek’s VT10i omits that problem by fitting in a large-capacity lithium-ion battery that can last you four months on a full charge.

The device comes packed with a convenient charging kit to keep your battery juiced up.


  • Allows four different ways for quick access to your belongings
  • Storage space for handgun and cartridge
  • Includes battery and charging kit
  • Lightweight and durable build
  • Backlit keypad helps in the dark


  • 18 gauge steel is not very thick
YouTube video
Check out Vaultek 10 Series’s more awesome features!

3. Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Bluetooth Smart Handgun Safe

Vaultek Slider Nightstand Hidden Gun Safe

Unlike most others, this safe has a vertical orientation and will not lay atop your nightstand. Instead, it snugs itself within a shelf space or under your desk. The slim profile adds points to the aesthetics of the safe while also making it highly discreet.

Moving on, the material build of the safe is one you can’t miss. Made with top-of-the-line 16 gauge steel, even the hardest of impacts will not break your safe open.

To add to its toughness, Vaultek has placed an extra layer of coating. This also makes the body of the safe resistant to corrosion and rusting.

So let’s talk about the rail system that pops out your handgun. Using the keys on top, placing the correct combination will activate a three-point precision rail mechanism that slides your gun out.

As much as I like the basic horizontal safes, it was easier to gain access to the pistol due to the safe’s orientation.

While the entire safe has a very slim profile, one has to think about the padding inside. The SL20, like most other safes, features high-density foam padding to hold your gun in place and prevent scratches. This keeps your gun fixed just the way you kept it.


  • Reliable and quick access to the firearm
  • Discreet and slim profile
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Tough 16 gauge steel construction


  • It does not fit multiple handguns
  • Horizontal mounting is not possible

4. Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

Awesafe Identification Fingerprint Gun Safe Bedside

This fingerprint gun safe from Awesafe has one of the most solid build construction in the market.

I really loved the addition of the pry-resistant door and interior LED lighting, which enhances its functional benefits.

Other than the exceptional build quality, Awesafe offers you a choice between mechanical and biometric access. As a result, you have a wide range of choices based on your preference.

The hard steel safe opens with a fingerprint, password, and a key lock system. Also, the biometric fingerprint scanner allows you to register up to 30 different fingerprints!

Looking into the inside of the safe, this is where the magic happens. Right after you unlock the box and the door opens up, a dark blue interior light illuminates the insides.

This ties very well with the pry-resistant lid, which opens silently due to the innovative gas strut.

Furthermore, the compact sizing of the box is perfect for any nightstand. Inside the box are two pre-drilled mounting holes that will allow you to screw it in place effortlessly.

Awesafe also includes four alkaline batteries to power all the technology fitted into the box.


  • 18 Gauge steel construction ensures longevity
  • Pry-resistant door enhances security
  • Features mechanical and biometric lock system
  • Gas strut reduces noise when the safe door opens
  • Interior light aids visibility


  • The fingerprint scanner is too slow to read prints

5. V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage Security Locker

V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage

With extra efforts on making the most compact and simple handgun safe, V-line has come up with our next choice.

The Keyless nightstand gun safe is made of the best quality materials and approved by the Department of Justice in California.

This portable car gun safe uses a basic simplex locking mechanism to give you reliable access to the interiors by keeping simplicity at its core. That means you will not require any batteries or your phone to unlock it.

Simply dial in your combination, and voila! You’re good to go. 

The brushed steel faceplate adds a good bit of contrast to the black body of the safe. What’s more, once you open the box, you will notice all the deep padding V-line has been added to protect your firearm. High-density foam covers the box from the top door all the way to the base to prevent any scratches on your weapons.

In addition, the 18 gauge steel construction ensures durability as well as longevity. The body design of the bedside safe makes it pry-resistant, adding an extra layer of security over the lock.

As V-line has used 18-gauge steel, the box weighs only 5 pounds (significantly lower than others).


  • The pry-resistant design adds extra protection
  • Easy to use simplex locking mechanism for quick access
  • It does not require batteries or keys
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Durable powder coat finish enhances longevity


  • The locking unit protrudes into the box, which can mar your gun

6. V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box

V-Line 2597-S Desk Nightstand Quick Release Gun Safe For under Table

I have another one of our favorites from V-line. The 2597-S Desk Mate is the nightstand gun safe you can get for any table.

Taking up the least amount of space while ensuring maximum security is what this safe does best. By omitting the need for batteries and keys, the reliability of the safe is further enhanced with its basic number-locking system.

Much like the previous edition, this bedside gun safe offers a simple mechanical lock that is quite easy to operate and get used to.

While it’s true that fingerprint scanners and keys are convenient, I assure you there is nothing more reliable than this. When paired with its quick-release bracket, you get super quick access to your gun.

Furthermore, V-line’s addition of the anti-pry brackets adds an extra layer of protection to your already tough safe. The extremely well-made steel alloy is hard to break into and ensures the body of the safe remains dent and corrosion free.

The anti-pry brackets have been strategically positioned between the door and side to add further difficulties to whoever is trying to access your belongings.


  • Mounting brackets feature pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Anti-pry brackets offer enhanced protection
  • Tough steel alloy construction
  • High-density padding prevents scratches on your gun


  • The tray needs to be manually pulled to access gun

7. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage and Security

The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is a great solution for gun owners who want to store their firearms securely and conveniently. This safe is designed to fit under your bed, which means that you can keep your guns within easy reach while also keeping them out of sight and out of reach of children or unauthorized individuals.

One of the things that I love about this safe is how easy it is to use. It features a simple, yet effective locking mechanism that ensures that your firearms stay secure. The safe also comes with two keys, which means that you can keep one with you and give the other to a trusted family member or friend.

Another great feature of this safe is its size. It can hold multiple firearms, as well as other valuable items such as jewelry, cash, or important documents. The interior of the safe is lined with foam, which helps to protect your firearms from scratches and damage.

The construction of the SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is also impressive. It is made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, which means that it is incredibly durable and resistant to tampering. The safe also features a pry-resistant door, which adds an extra layer of security.


  • Designed to provide a high level of security for your firearms and other valuable items.
  • The under-bed location of the safe is a great feature, as it keeps your guns within easy reach while also being out of sight and out of the way.
  • Made from heavy-duty steel and features a pry-resistant door, making it resistant to tampering and damage.
  • Can hold multiple firearms, as well as other valuable items such as jewelry, cash, or important documents.


  • The safe is not fireproof, which may be a concern for some users who live in areas prone to fires.
  • While the safe can hold multiple firearms, it may not be large enough to accommodate a large gun collection or other bulky items.
YouTube video
Set up your SnapSafe with the help of this video.

8. BARSKA Biometric Safe

The biometric technology is a game-changer, allowing you to access your guns with just a touch of your finger, which is lightning-fast and accurate. 

It’s also a great way to share access with trusted family and friends, as you can store multiple fingerprints in the safe’s memory.

What I love about this safe is its compact and portable design. You can easily move it from room to room or take it with you on the go, making it a versatile option for gun owners who want to keep their firearms close by. 

Despite its small size, it’s spacious enough to hold multiple firearms and other valuables, such as jewelry, cash, or important documents.

Constructed from solid steel with a pry-resistant door, this safe is built to last and designed to deter potential tampering or damage. The pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware make it a breeze to install in a fixed location, giving you even more flexibility in how you store your firearms.


  • Biometric technology for quick and easy access with just a touch of a finger.
  • Ability to store multiple fingerprints in the safe’s memory, making it easy to give trusted individuals access.
  • Compact and portable design allows for easy movement from room to room or on the go.
  • Spacious enough to hold multiple firearms and other valuables.


  • Smaller size may not accommodate larger firearms or additional accessories.
  • Battery life may be a concern for those who frequently access the safe.

9. GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series Heavy Gauge Steel Handgun Safe

This safe is designed with premium-grade materials, including heavy gauge steel, making it one of the most secure handgun safes available in the market.

One of the standout features of the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series is its biometric fingerprint scanner. This state-of-the-art scanner allows you to program up to 120 fingerprints, giving you and other trusted individuals quick access to your firearms. 

Indeed, the biometric scanner is incredibly responsive and accurate, ensuring that you can access your handguns quickly in case of an emergency.

In addition to its biometric scanner, the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series is also equipped with a digital keypad, which allows for alternative access in case of a malfunction or battery failure. The keypad is easy to program, and you can customize your code to ensure that only authorized persons can access the safe.

The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series is also designed with a tamper-proof construction, which ensures that unauthorized access to the safe is impossible. The safe is incredibly sturdy and can withstand significant impact, making it one of the most durable handgun safes on the market.

What’s more, the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series is designed to be mountable, allowing you to easily secure it to a wall or other flat surfaces. The safe’s compact design also makes it easy to conceal and store discreetly, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep their handguns safe and secure.


  • The biometric fingerprint scanner is incredibly responsive and accurate, allowing for quick access to your handguns in case of an emergency.
  • The tamper-proof construction ensures that the safe is incredibly secure and resistant to unauthorized access.
  • The mountable design makes it easy to secure the safe to a wall or other flat surface, making it even more secure.
  • The digital keypad allows for alternative access in case of a malfunction or battery failure.


  • Some users have reported issues with the battery life of the safe, which may need to be replaced more frequently than anticipated.
  • The safe’s compact design may not be suitable for larger handguns, so it’s important to ensure that your firearm can fit inside the safe before purchasing.

10. PINEWORLD K3 + K5 Gun Safe for Pistols

The Pineworld K3+ K5 gun safes are designed specifically for pistols and offer a sleek and compact design that is easy to store and access. The K3 model is designed to hold one pistol, while the K5 model can hold two pistols. Both models are made with high-quality materials and feature a biometric lock that ensures only authorized individuals can access the contents inside.

Not to mention, the Pineworld gun safes are truly impressive in their user-friendly design. With a biometric lock that can be programmed with ease and unlocks in a flash with a simple fingerprint scan, accessing your firearm in a time of crisis has never been easier.

And let’s not forget about the Pineworld gun safes’ toughness! Constructed with solid steel, these safes are built to last and are resistant to prying attempts, ensuring your pistols stay protected at all times. Even the interior of the safes is lined with foam to provide additional cushioning against scratches or damage. 

With the Pineworld gun safes, you can rest assured that your firearms are always in safe hands.


  • Easy-to-use biometric lock with quick access
  • Durable, solid steel construction and pry-resistant design
  • Foam lining protects pistols from scratches or damage
  • Sleek and compact design for easy storage and access
  • K5 model can hold two pistols


  • Limited storage space (K3 model can only hold one pistol)
  • Biometric lock may not be as reliable as traditional locks in rare cases.

11. Fortress Small Personal Pistol Safe with Electronic Lock, Black (P2EA)

With its compact and portable design, this safe is perfect for storing your pistols, handguns, or other small valuables. The electronic lock is easy to use and provides quick access to your firearms when you need them most.

But that’s not all – the Fortress Small Personal Pistol Safe also boasts a tough and durable construction that can withstand even the most determined intruders. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can trust this safe to keep your guns secure and out of harm’s way.

So why take chances with your firearms? Invest in the Fortress Small Personal Pistol Safe with Electronic Lock and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your guns are always safe and secure.


  • Compact and portable design makes it easy to store and transport
  • Electronic lock is easy to use and provides quick access to your firearms
  • Durable construction can withstand attempted break-ins
  • Can be used to store other small valuables in addition to firearms


  • Only suitable for storing small pistols or handguns
  • Some users may prefer a combination lock instead of an electronic one
  • May not be suitable for long-term storage of firearms due to limited space

Why Do You Need the Best Bedside Gun safe?

Let’s explore the benefits of having a nightstand gun safe before making the decision to invest in one. The advantages of having a gun safe conveniently located under your bed are numerous and certainly worth considering.

Keeps Your Gun Safe

While the cable lock or trigger safety can prevent your gun from firing, you will still need a place to put it when not in use. You can choose from a wide range of mechanical and biometric safes to store your gun safely.

But with a bedside gun safe, you can allocate space for your weapon in the most convenient location. These safes are made from tough materials that ensure your gun is kept protected.

Easy Access

A major perk of having a nightstand gun safe is the convenience of quick access. When you stash your firearm in a larger safe alongside other valuables, it can take precious time to retrieve it when you need it most. 

Plus, if your safe is tucked away in a secret spot, you could potentially reveal its location when attempting to get your hands on your weapon.

Therefore, bolting a gun safe to your nightstand keeps your weapon within your reach. As most burglars begin their work at night, a gun safe beside your bed will allow you to react quickly.

Compact Design

Given that they are meant to be attached to your nightstand, the sizing of most gun safes are small and compact.

It ensures that the vault takes up less space on your nightstand. A large gun safe will also hamper your room’s aesthetics, so the compact form factor is a more viable choice.

Buying Guide

So what characteristics make up the bedside gun safe?

There are several different features and specifications that come with each model. In order to pick the best one for yourself, set aside your preferences and look for products that match them best.

Mount Settings

Much like any safe, your gun safe should be kept in a fixed spot. Else, it would be very easy for someone to steal your safe and your gun along with it.

To prevent this, you should always be on the lookout for bedside safes that can be bolted to your nightstand.

Often, you might have to screw bedside safes into place, which will require some drilling. An excellent way to plan ahead is by allocating a specific spot on your bedside table for the safe.

Bolting the safe keeps it fixed to a particular spot on the table, making it easier for you to unlock it in the dark. A sturdy gun safe will not wobble and lay flat against your nightstand.

Quick Access

When selecting a locking system, it’s crucial to consider how long it takes to unlock it. Typically, burglars and robbers strike during the night, so you’ll want a bedside gun safe that can be opened in a flash. 

With options like voice activation, fingerprint scanners, mechanical locks, and more, the choice is yours. However, it’s important to choose a safe that you can easily and quickly open, even when you’re groggy and half-asleep.

Compact Form Factor

Other than the interior space, the overall unit of the space should not take up too much unnecessary space. That can reduce the functional benefit you derive from your nightstand.

If your nightstand is always occupied with essentials, you can try and bolt the safe on the side panels. That would make it a little bit difficult to manage quick access to your weapon, but the difference wouldn’t be that noticeable.

The bedside gun safes are designed to be small while maximizing the interior space to accommodate a pistol and cartridge.

Locking System

There are various kinds of locking systems in the market, starting from high-tech fingerprint locks to basic password and PIN combinations. Some of the newer models even have a voice activation system.

When you are looking to spook or sneak around a burglar, the voice activation feature might alarm them.

And so, despite the ease of use, most people choose the alternatives such as the fingerprint reader or PIN lock.

But before you go ahead and pick one, imagine yourself and the safe in a dark setting. Which lock is the easiest to bypass? These hypothetical situations will allow you to choose a locking mechanism that is easy for you.

Reliable Build

Reliability is key with any safe you decide to invest your hard-earned money on. It should be at the center point of your focus when looking for the best bedside gun safes.

With that being said, other than the high-quality build and its numerous features, the safe should open whenever you need it. A lot of this depends on the mechanism your safe uses to lock/unlock and how easily the safe can be opened.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I choose 12 gauge steel for my gun safe?

The gauge of the steel refers to its thickness. While the 12 gauge is a good option, a better choice would be the 6 gauge steel.

That will provide more protection and is much tougher to break into. The best bedside pistol safes will ensure high durability even if they use steel over 12 

gauge, so the brand reputation also matters.

  1. Do I keep my gun loaded inside the safe?

While most safes are designed to keep your gun fixed in one place, keeping it loaded might cause accidental injuries. Try to look for a safe that has a separate slot to hold your cartridge. This ensures that your gun and cartridge are kept prepared for quick access.

  1. Are there any legal requirements for gun safes?

Of course, there are compliance requirements! Guns need to be handled and stored carefully; else, they could cause massive damage.

In any case, the compliance requirements vary from one state to another. So do your own research and make sure to touch up on every point in order to comply with the law.

  1. Am I allowed to travel with my gun safe?

There is no strict law that would deter you from traveling with your gun safe. However, you should look into the laws of the destination country to be on the safe side.

Other than the state laws, you will also need to pay close attention to the transport or airline laws as well.

Gun safes are meant to be bolted or fixed into one place, and I would advise you to keep it that way. If you are frequently traveling, then you should look for other portable models instead of a nightstand safe.

  1. What is the best locking mechanism for a gun safe?

There is no “best” locking mechanism because it is purely subjective. If I were to pick out one of the most convenient mechanisms, it would be the simplex mechanical locks. Unlike the smart gun safes, this lock uses mechanical buttons to unlock.

Unlike biometric safes, these do not require any sort of power. And so, there is no extra hassle of buying batteries. As a result, you receive quick access to your weapon at any time of the day.

  1.  Should I put my gun safe in my bedroom?

Well, the answer really depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. If you feel that having quick and easy access to your firearm is important, then keeping your gun safe in your bedroom might be a good choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you have children in the house or you’re worried about theft, you might want to consider a more secure location.

  1. Where can I hide my gun safe in my bedroom?

Now, I don’t recommend hiding your gun safe too well, as you want to be able to access it quickly in case of an emergency. However, there are some clever places you can stash your safe, such as in a closet behind some clothes, under the bed, or even in a false wall or ceiling compartment. Just make sure that whatever hiding spot you choose is easily accessible to you.

  1. Is it worth buying an expensive gun safe?

If you have a large collection of firearms or you’re worried about theft, it might be worth it to invest in a more expensive safe. However, if you’re just looking for a basic safe to keep your handgun in, a cheaper option might suffice.

  1. Are cheap gun safes worth it?

Again, it depends on what you’re looking for. Cheaper safes might not have as many security features or be as fire-resistant as more expensive models, but they can still provide some level of protection for your firearm. If you’re on a tight budget or you just need a basic safe, a cheaper option could be a good choice for you.

  1. Should a gun safe be hidden?

This one is definitely up for debate. On one hand, hiding your safe can make it more difficult for thieves to find and break into. On the other hand, if you need quick access to your firearm in an emergency, hiding your safe could slow you down. Ultimately, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide what’s best for your situation.

YouTube video

Final Words

Coming up with a well-suited nightstand gun safe can be an imaginative task, given the numerous factors that require careful consideration to ensure a fulfilling purchase. Apart from prioritizing the construction quality, it’s crucial to select a locking mechanism that caters to your preferences.

Rest assured that all the items I have evaluated underwent meticulous testing and evaluation, so you can rely on my recommendations as a reliable guide to picking your preferred gun safe.

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