Best Gun Safe under 500

Best Gun Safe Under $500 [Tested & Reviewed – 2022]

There are many reasons why people buy gun safes. Some people want to keep their guns away from children and others want to protect their firearms from theft. However, most of them are very expensive, especially the ones that offer maximum protection against break-ins.

You can easily spend up to 15 grand on a safe. But most of them aren’t loaded with cash. What if you only have 500 dollars to spend on a gun safe? Is it enough? Can I get the best gun safe under $500? Well, that depends on what you need.

Some people prefer to have one that is large enough to store their hunting guns and ammunition. Others only need a small one for their handgun and ammunition.

If you are looking for a gun safe that is no more than 500 dollars, then you should look for a small safe. These safes are perfect for storing handguns and other weapons. They are not very large, and they can be easily moved around the house.

For example, the VAULTEK MX Wi-Fi Handgun Safe is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. It might cost you a bit more than 500 bucks but it has all the features you can expect from a high end safe. It has a compact design, and it is easy to use.

On the other hand, you can find long gun safes that are under 500 dollars too. Those have enough space to store one or two rifles or shotguns.

11.8 x 15.7 x 57.2 inches
11.8 x 15.7 x 57.2 inches
11.8 x 15.7 x 57.2 inches
9.7 x 52.17 x 8.66 inches
4 x 4 x 9.7 inches
11.5 x 11.6 x 15 inches
49.21 x 13.62 x 9.06 inches
13.75 x 12 x 57 inches
13.5″D x 17″W x 53″H

Top 7 Best Gun Safes Under $500

The truth is that there are many different safes out there and they vary in price and quality. So, before you make your purchase, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The prices for these safes I’ve picked vary between $100 and $600-ish, but there are a few under 500 dollars you can choose from as well.

1. BIRKIN Large Biometric Rifle Safe – The Best Long Gun Safe Under $500

BBRKIN Large Biometric Rifle Safe

I am a big fan of biometric safes. They are not only more secure than the traditional lock and key, but they also can be opened quickly. If you are like me and want a quick access safe where you can store your rifles, this is the best rifle safe you can get without spending more than 500 dollars.

The size of this gun safe is perfect for storing my rifle, handgun, and ammunition without taking up too much space in my house. I recommend this safe to anyone with a small gun collection or who just wants to store their valuables in a secure place. The digital keypad on this safe is very easy to use.

The buttons are responsive too. Here is a quick overview of this safe. It has a fingerprint scanner, an alarm, a keypad, and a backup key. The safe also comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting to the wall or floor with the hardware included in the box.

Five built-in steel deadbolts are built into this gun safe that creates a 5-point locking system to protect your firearms from prying eyes, thieves, and children. Note that this safe gun weighs 104 pounds, and most of the weight is on the front. This makes it a front-heavy safe, so there is a slight chance of it tipping over.

However, you can prevent that from happening if you bolt it down. As I’ve said before, it comes with all the required mounting tools. Another thing I really like is the design. It has a sleek design, and I like how it looks in my home. I would recommend this gun safe to anyone looking for a high-quality, low-cost gun safe.

Since it is a 500-dollar gun safe, you will have to make some compromises. While the manufacturer didn’t compromise on security and construction, they did cut some corners in the customizability aspect. For example, there are no adjustable shelves, but they did line the inner portion of the safe to prevent scratches.

That doesn’t mean you are not allowed to make customizations. If you want to customize the interior of the safe, feel free to do so. You can add lights, extra shelves, and maybe add a door hanger. The possibilities are endless. Requires some DIY approach, but it is certainly possible. There is also a separate lock box.

In addition to its great appearance, the safe is also very sturdy. I don’t think someone could easily drill through the metal on this gun safe since it’s pretty thick gauge steel. Also, a sub-500-dollar gun safe like this uses 14-gauge carbon steel housing and 11-gauge carbon steel doors. Mind blown!

I really like the feel of the handle on this gun safe. It feels strong. To test the strength of the handle, I tried pulling it in all directions to make sure that it was strong. The result…you have nothing to worry about. Breaking into it will definitely take some effort.


  • It has mounting holes on the back and bottom
  • Biometric, keypad, and backup key lock
  • Anti-pry bars and rugged interior hinges
  • You can easily store 3-5 rifles or shotguns


  • No apparent cons

2. Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Safe – Best Rifle Safe Under $500

Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Safe

If you have a few rifles that you want to store in your home securely and don’t want to pay more than 500 dollars, this rifle safe from Barska is a good choice. It has 1.83 cubic feet of storage space, which should be enough for most people’s needs. At most, you can store two rifles with optics with ease.

You have to turn the rifles sideways to put them in the gun safe. I would like to call this a gun cabinet instead of a safe. But that should hardly come as a surprise given the price tag. So, who is this safe for? What can you expect from a gun safe like this one?

Well, for one, having the ability to quickly access the guns in the middle of the night without worrying about keys or remembering codes under pressure is a good reason to buy this one. I am talking about rifles, not handguns. I can recommend some revolver safes that cost more than this Barska rifle safe.

This safe has a reliable biometric fingerprint lock that makes it very convenient to use. All you need to do is put your fingers on the scanner, and the door will open for you under two seconds. In addition, the fingerprint reader can store up to 120 fingerprints, so it can be used by more than one person in the household.

This rifle safe features a compact design and is made of steel, which makes it ideal for home use. It is also DOJ-approved. When it comes to protecting your gun from theft and unauthorized use, this rifle safe is the best option. This heavy-duty steel safe offers durable protection for your weapons with its triple locking system.

Integrated into the safe are three steel deadbolts, creating a 3-point locking system to keep firearms safe from prying eyes, thieves, and children. This safe is designed to be tamper-resistant and pry-resistant. The steel walls are coated with a powder finish that will not scratch or chip.

The inner edges are also tamper-resistant, so it will take a lot of force to open the door. One thing that I really wished Barska would add is interior padding. There is absolutely no padding inside the safe. All they did was put on a floor mat. You are better off installing a speaker carpet for padding.

Not only will it make your safe look awesome, but it will also provide protection to your guns from nicks and scratches. In addition, you can attach Velcro straps and store ammo and clips. This will also free up space on the shelf. Additionally, the door of this gun safe will be significantly quieter when opened.


  • Decent and small quick-access rifle safe
  • Fully steel construction
  • Reliable biometric locking system
  • Can store two rifles with accessories attached


  • It has some quality control issues

3. Awesafe Gun Safe

3. awesafe Gun Safe

The Awesafe will make you feel safer and more confident when you have it nearby. This gun safe provides a safe, attractive, and secure location to store firearms that is well-designed, sturdy, and has many useful features.

Compared to other gun lock boxes of this size and price range, the safe is made of high-quality, sturdy metal. There is a sponge lining on the inside of the safe, which offers protection for the contents. In addition, it comes pre-drilled with mounting holes, so you don’t have to drill them yourself.

Its dimensions are 3.2 x 12.1 x 9.9 inches, making it easy to mount or store. There’s enough room for most handguns in the interior, which measures 2.2 by 9.7 by 6.7 inches. Two heavy-duty lag bolts are included with the kit. Safes like this are hard to beat for the price.

I am pleased with how well the fingerprint scanner works and how responsive the touch keypad is. There are actually 30 different fingerprints that can be stored in the fingerprint scanner. If you want to have access to the safe, you can program a spouse’s fingerprints to have access by using multiple fingers from both hands.

You will be greeted with a blue LED light when you access the safe, which illuminates the contents of the safe in a beautiful blue hue. In addition, it features a gas strut that allows it to open and close smoothly without alerting anyone.

This is a useful feature, especially when there is an emergency. There is a lot to like about this safe, but I especially like the blue interior lighting. This is why I chose it over comparable models. There is just enough brightness so that you can pick up your gun in the middle of the night without losing your night vision.

A thick foam padding lines the safe’s interior, giving it a high-end appearance. You will also have master key access, so your contents will always be accessible. In addition, it features a pry-resistant steel door that will keep your important belongings safe from unauthorized access.

The safe can be accessed in three different ways when needed. In an emergency, you can access your gun safe quickly with the biometric fingerprint sensor. You can also add a password using the keypad if the sensor is unavailable.

Fingerprints are scanned within a few seconds, so the safe opens almost immediately. Four AA batteries power the keypad and light. The low battery indicator light can also show when the batteries need to be replaced. As a whole, this is a very good safe that you can get for under 500 bucks.


  • Lighting for the interior with blue LEDs
  • Gas strut door with smooth operation and convenience
  • Providing three-way access
  • Solid and attractive design


  • Initial setup can be challenging

4. Vaultek MXi Biometric Handgun Safe

Vaultek MXi Biometric Handgun Safe

The next 500-dollar budget safe on our list is a high-capacity handgun safe from Vaultek. Some people might find the Vaultek MXi safe’s price tag a little steep, but its quality and features make it worth it.

This large handgun safe can store up to eight handguns, pistols, etc. You can store your valuables there without any problems since it has a lot of space. The fingerprint scanner also allows you to gain access without remembering combinations or keys.

Moreover, it’s highly secure, so thieves won’t be able to break into it. You can mount it anywhere you need it since it comes with pre-drilled holes. It would be best to anchor it down as soon as possible since it is a pistol safe.

These quick-access handgun safes are tough and rugged, thanks to 12-gauge steel doors and 14-gauge steel bodies. It is also powder coated to ensure long-lasting protection and prevent rusting. This high-capacity handgun safe has many features that make it stand out.

There is no doubt that this safe will provide maximum protection against the most common types of break-ins because of its rock-solid construction. Furthermore, the device features dual anti-impact latches and anti-pry bars to provide advanced anti-theft protection. The keypad lock can also be programmed very easily.

The LCD screen provides users with quick visual feedback while they set their security code. In this case, a good and reliable battery is needed since there are electronics. It’s good that Vaultek offers a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last a long time.

You can charge it in 2.5 hours with the included USB charger. A powerful modular design is featured on this front-opening safe. You can easily mount this safe under your bed. As well as being fully adjustable, the interior can be reconfigured with different accessory modules.

You can track battery life and access a log of every open and attempt to open using the phone app. In addition, it shows when the code was used and what fingerprint was used. You can easily enable or disable many features, making it highly customizable to get exactly what you want.

Despite the safe’s price tag of 500+ dollars, this feature alone justifies it. Compared to its cheaper counterparts, this Vaultek is exponentially superior in terms of quality. There are so many things I love about this device.

The true test of whether it remains as tough and functional in a few years will be found only with time, but I have to say, this thing seems to be much better designed and operated than the others.


  • You can store up to eight handguns in it.
  • The interior can be customized to your liking.
  • The latest anti-theft technology.
  • Steel construction that is strong and rugged.
  • LCD screen and user-friendly controls


  • Pricey

5. RPNB Quick Access 5-Gun Rifle Safe

RPNB Quick Access 5-Gun Rifle Safe

The RPNB rifle safe is one of the best 500-dollar gun safes on the market for storing rifles. Why? Because it’s large enough to hold up to 5 rifles, and it’s also deep enough to store your ammunition and other accessories. The safe is made of steel and has a thick door that can’t be easily broken into.

This one seems to be the strongest one in this 500-dollar price range. It is a basic model, and it is not fireproof. But it does have a heavy-duty locking system and a steel plate on the door. It also has five live bolts that provide extra security, which is very important for any safe.

This safe comes with pre-drilled holes that allow you to bolt it down to the floor and walls if you want to. This is a great feature because burglars will have a much harder time taking this safe than they would one that is not bolted down.

Built from 16-gauge carbon steel for long-lasting strength and use, the RPNB safe is durable and reliable. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, the rocky black finish gives it a professional appearance, making it easy to mix and match.

You can lock it away with the electronic keypad by creating your own code of 3 or 8 digits, or you can lock it with the backup key in case you forgot the code. In order to ensure your safety, if three incorrect entries are made, the yellow light will light up with beeps, and the safe will time out and sleep for twenty seconds.

There isn’t much room in the inner box, but it’s perfect for storing magazines and other items. In any case, you can add a hanging gun rack. As a result, this gun safe will be able to store four rifles, one additional shotgun barrel, and six handguns on its doors.

If you are looking for a rifle safe that’s not too expensive, looks good, and is easy to use, then this is the one for you. It’s not your 100% heavy-duty gun fanatic safe. Also, it is perfect for those who don’t have the budget for a higher-end model and want something that will keep their guns secure.


  • The locking mechanism that provides reliable security
  • An attractive, durable black rocky finish
  • A sturdy 16-gauge carbon steel construction provides strength and durability
  • Compared to similar gun safes, this one is larger and deeper


  • Features similar to a gun locker

6. Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle

 Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle

A safe like this would allow me to arrange all my guns in one place. Regarding the price, I think it’s a great deal. The first thing you need to know about this gun safe is that it is not a heavy-duty two-grand worth fireproof safe. That’s not how it’s priced either.

Still, you won’t find a better deal if you want a safe for 500 bucks. I like it because it’s bigger and deeper than similar safes, so it fits anywhere. In addition, you can mount optics on top or mount rail mounts on it if your firearms have optics/scopes attached.  

The rifle safe under 500 is a great choice for keeping firearms secure but also keeping them away from children and strangers. At this price point, you will be able to get everything you need out of this home gun safe. In addition, this gun safe is large enough to hold multiple weapons and some valuables.

Position racks are set lower to accommodate longer rifles and shotguns. A small lockbox is included in addition to the removable shelves for storing small, valuable items. Furthermore, the gun safe has enough space for four to five long weapons and attachments, including scopes and sights.

This one also has a reliable digital lock. A reset button is located inside the safe for setting up the keypad for quick adjustments. In addition, key codes can be more personalized when there are more than a few buttons. You can also store handguns or ammunition in the safe’s lock box if you want extra safety with your items.

With its 14-gauge steel construction and solid steel walls, this gun safe has impressive security. With the digital keypad, you can quickly access the firearm in the safe during an emergency. You can use this feature to prevent unwanted guests from accessing your guns as a security measure.

Keep in mind that it cannot withstand an actual break-in attempt. Therefore, you will need to enhance the security of this safe by bolting it down. The hardware is included with the safe so that you can mount it on the wall or floor as you wish.

You can also connect the external battery pack from the outside and use the keypad to open the safe if the battery dies. From a functional perspective, this Langger safe has it all. Compared to similar gun safes under 500, this one is deeper, wider, and larger.

Whether you have scopes or optics on your rifle or other firearms, you can still store them easily. Soft foam barrel rests, and carpeted interiors are also included. Based on its price and features, this safe is an excellent value.

You can have it up and running within a few minutes if you follow the instructions carefully. But, again, this is not a safe to deter criminals with tools or time to work on, but rather an at-home safe for holding weapons and some valuables.


  • The rifle safe has a removable storage shelf
  • Weapons such as rifles and shotguns can be stored easily
  • The inner edges are tamper-resistant
  • Mounting holes are pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • An extra battery pack is included


  • It will be necessary to pad the safe with some material underneath

7. Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Gun Security Cabinet

Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Gun Security Cabinet

For those who are willing to compromise on quick-access/biometric options and storage capacity, the Stack-On GCWB-10-5-DS is a good, affordable alternative. The only key is the physical one, but there is still enough room for a limited collection of long guns despite the lack of a keypad.

If you want quick access, it’s not a great choice, but it’s one of the most capable cabinets you’ll find, especially if you’re storing smaller rifles like a 22LR or pistol-grip shotguns. As far as the Stack-On GCB-910 is concerned, it is solidly built and includes solid mounting options.

It includes an overhead shelf where you can store a handgun, ammo, and some accessories. It has good door hinges and has a foam barrel rest on the interior, but the steel isn’t as thick as some other gun safes on this list. That is to be expected given the price tag.

Due to the shelf being located at the back of the cabinet, longer guns can be stored in the front. The barrel rests, and the bottom is padded to prevent scratches. This is to ensure that your weapons are kept in good condition. In addition, it is very sturdy once you bolt it down to the floor.

This gun cabinet features a key-coded triple-point locking system with a double-bitted lock for greater security. The cabinet door is finished in black epoxy paint with gold accents. It’d look great in almost any room of your house. The slim design makes it easy to fit in most places.

Having your guns safely stored gives you peace of mind. Lockers like this are lightweight storage options that can house ten long guns (probably 5 with optics) and keep them safe from children, but they are not gun safes in the traditional sense.

It is a great solution for those who either do not want or cannot invest in a safe but want to keep their firearms away from guests and children. It’s a few bucks more than $500, but the tiny difference is worth it.


  • Compared to more expensive gun safes, this is a great and affordable alternative
  • Key-coded, double-bitted 3-point locking system
  • Barrel rests, and the bottom of the safe are padded with foam
  • The top shelf can be removed to provide additional storage


  • Lightweight

Choosing The Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars – A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

A gun safe is a place where you can store your guns and other valuables like jewelry, documents, and money. It’s important to consider the type of firearms you own before buying a gun safe.

If you own long guns, then you want to buy a gun safe that has room for rifles and shotguns. If you own handguns only, then it doesn’t really matter what size the gun safe is as long as it has enough room for all your weapons.

The first step in finding the best gun safes under 500 dollars is determining what size will work best for your needs. Can I get a gun safe with good protection without spending more than 500 bucks?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many factors that come into play when you are looking for a gun safe, and some of them are not really related to the price. The best way to answer this question is by answering the following questions:

  • How much protection do you want?
  • What size do you need?
  • What type of guns do you have?
  • How many guns do you have?
  • Do you need fire protection?
  • Do you need waterproof protection?
  • Do you want an electronic lock or a key lock?

The process of picking gun safes under 500 dollars was not an easy one. While I had a few requirements, they were not too particular, and I was willing to compromise on some features. Let me break it down for you.

Facts About 500$ Gun Safes

Gun safes are expensive but you can stop determined criminals who know you have guns and want to steal them. A 500-dollar safe, however, has a simple purpose. They’re tough enough to prevent smash-and-grab burglaries.

Keeping your guns and gun safe concealed is the key to preventing a break-in. Providing enough obstacles will make them nervous and they will grab anything they can get hold of.

Furthermore, a safe will keep your guns safe from your kids, ensuring that they will not be able to access them. A steel cabinet can be used for this purpose, but a gun safe offers greater security.

Cheap fire safes provide better protection than leaving things exposed to the elements. It is not possible to compare fire ratings if they are not UL listed. They are just presenting their version of the fire test, not someone else’s.

You should buy the largest gun safe that you can afford if you only have a budget of 500 dollars. Be sure to anchor it down firmly as well. A more expensive gun safe will likely be better made, have better craftsmanship, and have better materials.

It is possible to find safes for both long guns and shotguns at this price range. You’ll be able to keep your firearms safe during a quick smash-and-grab attack even if you buy a small safe under 500 dollars. That being said, a break-in is inevitable if they are expecting it or already know what’s inside.

The Security Features

There aren’t many security features included in this price range, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can prevent someone from gaining access to your items by using a locking mechanism, some basic steel, and some locking pins. It’s far better than letting them sit out in the open.

Steel Gauge & Thickness

In order to get the safe you want for $500, you will have to sacrifice the steel gauge. In this range, most safes are made from steel between 14 and 18 gauges, with many having 16 gauge steel.

The bottom line is that you should place a great deal of focus on keeping your safe hidden from view. I’ve written an in-depth article on that topic, so do check that out. Additionally, never bring up the fact that you have firearms in your home. This applies even if you have a $10,000 safe.

Reliable Locking Mechanism

Taking into account the price range, you must decide what features are important to you – such as quick access.

Your gun safe must have a reliable locking mechanism, no matter how big or small it is. It is typical for locks in this price range to be unbranded and outsourced to other manufacturers. Due to this, it is difficult to predict how well it will work.

In general, I recommend paying attention to the quality and brand of the product. Accessibility is also an important factor to consider. If you are looking for a reliable biometric fingerprint lock, you should buy one from a reputable brand.

Biometric long gun safes would be a good choice if that’s the case for you. Consider safes with a standard physical key or perhaps a keypad if capacity is your top priority, but biometric sensors tend to raise the price of even lower capacity safes.

Fire Protection

The budget allotted doesn’t allow for many safes with fire ratings. Getting fire-resistant materials tested (which many companies simply don’t do) is even more expensive than buying them.

Budget safes should be considered with all of their features in mind. You will have to sacrifice quality to get customizability. There won’t be a fire rating on steel gauge safes. And they won’t look as good as high end safes.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to find any fire rated gun safes under $500. To get fire protection, you will have to up your budget. There are plenty of good fireproof gun safes if you can manage to spend around 1000 dollars.

Warranty Period

You can get a good idea of the quality of the product by paying attention to the warranty offered by the manufacturer. They are more confident in their product if they offer a longer warranty. In addition, don’t wait too long to use the warranty, don’t put it off like most people do and later regret it.

It is especially important to pay attention to this in this category. Getting a good warranty is essential when buying an inexpensive safe. A one-year warranty is most likely to be offered. There will be differences between manufacturers, however.

Gun Safe Accessories

A budget safe or cabinet isn’t a fully-featured storage system like some higher-end models. For less than $500, you can find a gun safe that’s safe and secure – but don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles.

It will be your responsibility to consider how you can maximize the capabilities of a budget gun safe with things like handgun hangers, door storage, or a dehumidifier. Safes can benefit from these additions, which are relatively inexpensive and extend their functionality.

Mounting Holes

This price range has a few safes with smaller footprints and heavier doors, so anchoring them is definitely recommended. Additionally, this is an excellent theft deterrent.

Make sure your placement location accommodates anchoring the safe as well as predrilled holes. Otherwise, you might want to seek out a location with both the required space and decent anchoring positions.


Make sure you have the room for it when you are buying anything heavy and expensive – just as with anything else. Make sure that there is enough horizontal and vertical space in your closet if you intend to install this new budget gun safe there.

Don’t let a 100lb box sit on your doorstep until you’ve checked things like cabinets, shelves, and the depth.

Who Should Buy A Sub-$500 Gun Safe?

A small collection of firearms owned by parents or grandparents. With kids around, gun cabinets and safes aren’t really optional, but you need to ensure your budget is adequate.

A simple, sub-$500 gun safe or cabinet will usually suffice if your only goal is to keep children out of your firearms. It’s not necessary to have any whiz-bang features or quick entry in these situations – just a place you can lock your firearms away from little hands.

An easy-to-use gun storage solution for gun owners. Under $500, you’ll be limited to a limited number of features, so you’ll need to prioritize your most important features if you’re shopping for gun safes.

It is possible to get a quick entry with less storage available, but there are options. You might not be able to choose things like biometric entry or double doors if you need more storage. Getting clear on your priorities and finding the safe with the specific feature you want is essential if you have a limited budget.

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The Bottom Line

If you do not own high-end or expensive guns, a gun safe is still an essential part of your collection – it’s important that you are prepared to safely store the firearms you do own.

You might be looking for a reliable home for your long guns – without having to break the bank – if you are used to using a handgun safe.

It took me hours to research and test a number of these long gun safes and their security features for this guide.

To help shape the recommendations, I also consulted gun safe experts who have first-hand experience recalling their customers’ losses, both by theft and by fire.

Also, I interviewed some experts on gun safes who know a surprising amount about how to break into (or disassemble) a gun safe and how to do it in the most efficient way.

In case you find any differences in your own testing, believe I have missed something important, or if you need my work to be adjusted for any other reason, please let me know. The feedback you provide will be considered for inclusion into this article if it is noteworthy.

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