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10 Best Car Gun Safe In 2022 – Experts Reviews

Car burglary is an ever-growing problem. It’s not just the thieves that cause you problems when they break into your car; insurance companies will also do their best to make you pay for what’s missing and any damages that arose.

If you recently got your firearms license, chances are- you’re going to need a gun safe very soon. Keeping your handgun in a lockbox is the most secure way to carry it on your commute.

And it calls for buying the highest quality gun safe you can find! If you’ve been frustrated over the lack of gun safety solutions for cars, we have got the solution.

Before you spend your last dollar on a safe (and not the handgun!), we’re going to stop you right there. You deserve peace of mind when driving, don’t you?

Now, with the best car gun safe, you can feel comfortable knowing your car is safe and sound with the highest-quality protection.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a gun safe for your car. This includes the size, material, and features. The best thing to do is to go through your list of guns and their specific needs then narrow down the list.

We’ll look at some of the most top-rated car gun safes that are increasingly popular among US firearms owners. As we’re going to detail the features, strong points, and negative issues of our recommendations, you’ll know which one is ideal for you.

Top 10 Best Car Gun Safe Reviews

Here you’ll find ten of the most reasonably-priced and reliable vehicle gun safes for handguns. Keep reading!

1. VAULTEK LifePod Portable Waterproof Handgun Case

VAULTEK LifePod Portable Waterproof Handgun Case

LifePod by VAULTEK is one of the most reliable and handy gun safes for your car. It doubles up as an airtight, waterproof travel organizer. You can find multiple uses of this portable lockbox. And yes, it floats!

We like the LifePod for three reasons. First, it’s extremely sturdy compared to average handgun cases in the market.

The safe is made of impact-resistant polymer that shields the contents from all kinds of exposure.

It has compression latches and a rubber gasket on the inside. So, LifePod has the most secure watertight and airtight seal you’ll get for the price.

Now, what’s interesting is that this TSA-approved handgun case weighs only two pounds.

It’s 7.75-inch long and 6-inch wide on the inside, which means you can carry pistols like Glock 19 and Sig P365 pretty easily.

This is the best portable gun safe that comes with a LED-backlit keypad and two backup override keys. It runs on a 9V battery but accepts the physical key even without it.

A cool thing about LifePod is that you actually get a concealed micro-USB port for recharging this device.

You also get a 19-inch, high-quality steel cable for tethering your LifePod to a fixed object!

LifePod doesn’t rattle or jerk its contents on a bumpy road for a hundred-something car gun safe. The crate foam is of the highest quality; it absorbs shocks and keeps your handgun protected at all times.


  • Made of weather-resistant materials
  • Compatible withmost pistols and handguns up to 7.75 inches
  • Dual compression latches for water-sealing 
  • It runs on AC and battery power


  • Expensive for a polymer plastic safe


LifePod is the car gun safe for its impact resistance, long battery life, and security.

Its quick keypad lock and two physical keys help you easily maintain LifePod and secure your pistol simultaneously. We also like its protective foam interior and the roomy 7.75”×6” fitment zone. 

2. Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe with RFID Instant Access

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe with RFID Instant Access

This portable gun safe by Hornady is your number one option for carrying a handgun in your vehicle. It sports a patented RFID technology. The features of this Hornady gun safe are going to blow your mind!

First of all, it’s a touch-free car gun safe for all your valuable items. It means you don’t need to give your fingerprint nor type out a passcode. Whenever you want to take something out of the safe, you just have to take the RFID tag close to the reader.

The set of five RFID tags you get with your Hornady safe is unique for each product, and they come as a wristband, two decals, and two key fobs. Just to be extra sure, we suggest that you don’t keep them all in one place. 

There are, of course, two-barrel keys for an old-fashioned entry. As for its measurements, the safe holds a single handgun or a pistol with enough room for mags.

Moreover, you may use the lockbox as a portable safe and a permanent safe. There’s a 1500lbs steel lock-down cable for securing the box to your car seat or other places. 

You can pack this 9.7-pound locker for a road trip or when you’re on the water. It fits a full-sized handgun as well as mags, passport, and high-priority papers.

Lastly, the unique, inflatable mounting pad makes the Hornady RAPiDlockbox one of the car gun safes out there. The mounting pad lodges inside the area between the driver’s seat and console for quick access.  


  • Solid, tamper-proof body
  • Patented security system with RFID technology
  • It comes with 5 RFID tags, two-barrel keys, and a security cable
  • Inflatable mounting system for instant access


  • The mounting pad is not suitable for all cars  


We liked the touch-free unlocking mechanism of this RAPiDlockbox. It lets you access the safe and your gun almost immediately. Gun owners love the safe for its user-friendliness and secure storage.

3. Hornady Lock box for Guns and Valuables

Hornady Lock box for Guns and Valuables

Are you worried about leaving your pistol in the car? Then you’ll like this gun safe from Hornady. It’s the best pistol safe for car out there, with uncompromised security and large storage space.

Compared to the RAPiDlockbox from the same brand, this one sports a simple mechanical lock and the usual crate foam interior. You get two keys to access its steel barrel lock. Keep one in your pocket and leave the other at home. Easy, right?

Next, the car gun safe is available in two different sizes- Large and Extra Large. We’re reviewing the large size now, and we have to say- the car gun safe has an impressive amount of storage.

Its interior measures 9.5”×6.5 “× 1.75”, which means you get to keep anything from a small concealed-carry gun to a proper pistol.

This car gun safe follows TSA airline firearm guidelines and fits inside the glove box. It’s one of the car gun safes for under thirty dollars.

We can’t swear by its waterproof quality, but the safe sure goes an extra mile to keep your firearm safe.

For example, it comes with a heavy-duty steel cable that’s got an impact resistance of 1500lbs. It’s definitely something you find only in the car gun safes.


  • An affordable gun safe with a premium lock
  • Quality foam crate for keeping your guns protected
  • Easy access with barrel keys only
  • High-quality steel construction


  • The brand doesn’t issue new keys if you lose yours


This lockbox is ideal for anyone who either doesn’t like a biometric gun safe or can’t afford the touchpad one.

Honestly, its 16-gauge steel construction is way better than those high-tech plastic safes. Its heavy-duty security cable survives a great level of impact, which was pretty awesome.

4. SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe

When it comes to innovation, most car gun safes don’t come close to SentrySafe. The brand offers two sizes and four different styles of lockboxes. We’ve had our eyes on their PP1K car gun safe for a while. And the hype was totally worth it!

To begin with, PP1K is a sturdy metal box with a number of high-security features. But the first thing that comes to mind is its tubular key lock. It’s accompanied by innovative anti-pry bars.

What these bars do is stop anyone with a bobby pin or some other tool from popping the lock open.

If you don’t want to spend two-hundred-something bucks on the best car safe, you can seriously consider this locker box. Not only does it make a good car gun safe, but it also ensures safety at its best!

At 6.5 pounds, PP1K is a heavy-duty car gun safe for everyday use. Its high-compression foam is something that we really liked.

The safe also came out twice as tall (3 inches) as the car gun safes we reviewed so far. However, it runs 9.8 inches wide and 7.3 inches deep. So, it might not fit inside the glove compartment of small cars.

The safe looks a lot like a well-built suitcase with a handle. You can tether it to something for when you’re not inside your car.

Furthermore, it’s a California department-certified gun safe for legally carrying pistols and handguns. That’s got to bring some peace of mind for a gun owner.


  • Impact-resistant steel shell
  • A durable mechanical lock with one gun capacity
  • It comes with a security cable
  • Weighs only 7.5lbs


  • The keyhole is located at an awkward place


The car gun safe is large enough for a handgun and two mags. Moreover, the handle makes it super easy to carry the safe on your travels. Thanks to the mounting bolts, you can permanently set the lockbox up in your preferred area.

5. SnapSafe Lock Box with Combination Lock

SnapSafe Lock Box with Combination Lock

We’ve seen biometric safes, RFID safes as well as the keyed ones. So, what’s left for us to review is a car gun safe with a combination lock.

As we were searching for it, we found this SnapSafe lockbox. It comes with an old-school combination lock and does the job pretty well.

If your house or car was ever broken in, then we know for a fact that you don’t like keyed systems a lot.

That’s why we think this combination lock is something you should try out. First of all, it doesn’t come with a factory-set passcode. You can actually set any code you like and change it as frequently as you like.

The car gun safe accepts 3-digit codes, and once locked, it will protect your contents with maximum security.

It’s impossible to break the pistol safe or even pick the lock because there’s no keyhole, to begin with. The RFID hacks also don’t apply here.

You can choose from Large, XL, and XXL sizes depending on the handgun that you own. Don’t go two sizes up, though. It makes your pistol rattle with the moving car. Although there’s a protective foam, we ourselves won’t risk it.

The fact that it’s approved as a handgun safety device by the California Department of Justice makes it the best gun safe for car.

Its 16-gauge steel housing is extremely dependable, in our opinion. So, if you have at least forty dollars to spare for a gun safe, go for it!


  • Durable 16-gauge steel construction
  • TSA approved; low-budget mechanical safe 
  • Suitable for camping and travel
  • Approved by California Department of Justice


  • Not suitable for big-barrel guns


The SnapSafelock box is hands down one of the car gun safes for its straightforward design.

We like its locking mechanism and the fact that you can set your own passcode. Its 10”×7”×2” interior should any 1911-size pistol quite easily.

6. The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box

The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box

We’ve found out that the best gun safes exclusively share a unique quality, and that is a pry-proof lock. The Club LB200 is no different. It’s the best car gun lock box for its top-notch security.

Money, phones, keys, and guns- you name it. There’s hardly anything you store in a locker that you can’t put inside this personal vault. The whole process of opening and locking is plain simple, but it will ensure maximum protection for you.

If you ask what we expected from this gun case, we’re going to say- nothing much. And that’s because, at the end of the day, it is a cheap gun safe for less than fifty dollars. That is why we were more than surprised to see its specs in action.

Unless they know the brand already, it’s easy for anyone to mistake the safe for an amp. It’s perfectly rectangular, and the security cable looks like an electric cord from afar.

The car gun safe gets a solid 10 out of 10 in disguise. It can come in handy if you’re regularly changing motels or staying at a shared Airbnb with a stranger. 

Or, if you’re currently a student, you may use this vault for storing your valuables. In that case, you need to keep it under your bed or somewhere more concealed and convenient.

Luckily enough, you get a robust security cable in the package for securing your vault to a column if you have to! Anything for saving those concert tickets, right?


  • Thesolid construction cannot be depressed by high impact 
  • It comes with a braided steel security cable
  • Enough storage for a large-caliber handgun
  • Ideal for car rides, campsites, and hotels


  • Perps might destroy the security cable with a bolt cutter


The lockbox allows quick access to your gun and other valuables with a simple key lock. Compared to other gun safes, this personal vault has an array of uses.

We found the only negative thing about this lockbox is that it doesn’t have a form-fitting soft foam layer.

7. Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe 2700KP (XL)

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe 2700KP (XL)

If you’re particularly concerned about your handgun falling into the wrong hands, then the Hornady gun safe is the way to go. There are plenty of things we like about the 2700KP model. It’s a high-end gun safe combining the latest RFID technology. 

The sleek shape was the first thing we noticed about this car gun safe. It’s a solid-looking gun safe without any visible opening.

Another cool thing about the RAPiD safe is that you can store a handgun or a revolver inside the caddy and still have extra space for magazines and money.

Unless you’re Dwight Schrute, who’d rather be carrying ninja stars and a curved saber, you should find its storage space just right! Hornady RAPiD has got everything we ourselves would like in the best vehicle gun safe.

After reviewing most gun safes from Hornady, we can confidently say that they’re not something you pry open with an old bobby pin. You can keep the lock box right next to your seat or inside the trunk of your car.

Many gun owners consider this pistol safe to be one of the car gun safes. It scraps the whole key lock thing so that you may access your gun right when you need it.

Not to mention, this product is a no-nonsense safe for most handgun and pistol models. If you happen to own a crazy-expensive Sturm Ruger, you better keep it in a Hornady safe!


  • Suitable for 1911 size pistols and 4”revolves
  • Includes RFID key fobs, decals, and a wristband
  • Approved by California DOJ and fulfills TSA requirements
  • Child-resistant and pry-resistant safe with International ASTM certification


  • A bit large for people who need the portability of a holster


The Hornady safe, in a word, is expensive. We wouldn’t waste its durable construction a cheap Taurus G2C.

However, it’s one of the car gun safes that feature heavy-duty steel and foolproof RFID decals. The quality justifies the price, but it’s not for everyone.

8. RPNB Quick-Access Security Safe

RPNB Quick-Access Security Safe

Do you think there’s a weirdo out there who’ll try to break open your pistol safe like a clam? Then a firearm lock box is what you need exactly!

We’re going to talk about a new brand, and it’s no other than RPNB. It’s quite popular among civilian owners of firearms.

The safe flaunts a heavy gauge steel construction. And we bet our bottom dollar that it’s going to outlast the elements on a camping trip. Compared to the VaultekLifePod, which had an exclusive rubber gasket, the RPNB is not as waterproof.

Despite that, we think this car gun safe is worth a shot. It’s definitely a good quality gun safe since it passed the California DOJ standards. 

Next, its 4-digit master code is impossible for anyone to get right other than yourself. It’s also going to keep your one curious kid from firing the pistol like a Nerf gun at the other kid.

Moreover, it’s the only, we repeat- the only handgun safe that comes with its own mounting hardware for the price.

RPNB is on our list of the car gun safes because it has a whole ‘another security system for emergencies. Its heavy-duty door instantly pops open when you type the battery-powered code.

There are pre-drilled holes and a security cable for a setup. We’re particularly thankful to RPNB for the mounting options because drilling through tamper-proof steel is not a piece of cake.

You can buy an extra-large size of this remarkable safe instead of a locker for your other valuables.


  • Made of 16-gauge powder-coated steel
  • Automatic opening door for quick access
  • It comes with a backlit keypad and pre-drilled holes
  • Includes physical keys for overriding the digital passcode


  • Five-minute waiting period for one incorrect pin (can be fixed instantly with the physical key)


This 8.4lbs pistol safe is an item you’ll never regret buying. Reason number one is that it includes an emergency option apart from the basic key lock system.

It’s also roomier than those XXL gun safes from other brands. With a 12 “× 7” × 2” interior dimension, the RPNB safe is a total steal!

9. Stealth Original Handgun Safe STL-PB-HD

Stealth Original Handgun Safe STL-PB-HD

When it comes to car gun safes, two things come into our minds- safety and usability. This one from Stealth provides you with both and many more! We particularly liked its impenetrable locking mechanism and pluck foam interior.  

This reliable gun safe has a 10-gauge solid steel build that comes with a 3/16” steel wrap around the door. Apart from that,it has two ⅜” steel lugs and two dead bars made from solid steel.

These features, added with a solid, thick locking bolt and the welded hinge, make sure there is enough pry resistance to the safe and that if the safe is bolted down- nobody could possibly break it open.

We can’t guarantee its safety against nuclear bombs, though, but the chances of something like that are very minimal.

The handgun safe is also highly recommended because it’s very easy to use. There is no need for biometric readers or electronics; this is a reliable, manual safe that will be enough to keep your precious gun locked and safe from anyone.

Coming with at least 1081 unique combinations, it would really take a robber hour, maybe even days, even to try to open the safe. You’re getting more combinations than the basic 4-push buttons compared to the usual locks.

The Stealth gun safe is also punch resistant- so one heavy punch wouldn’t do any damage to the caddy. Just keep the combination safe, and you’re good to go!


  • Heavy-duty solid steel door with 3/16” thickness
  • KABA simplex lock made in the USA
  • Layered with Pluck foam
  • It fits up to two pistols


  • The knob is a bit lightweight


If you don’t like biometrics on car gun safes, then the Stealth safe is a decent option for you.

For one, it topples the Microvault pistol gun safe in terms of security and quick access. The car gun safe comes with a number of added safety features that we liked.

10. RPNB Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock

RPNB Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock

This here is what we call a proper, modern handgun safe that is blessed with the wonders of technology! It should be an instant hit if you’re a fan of spy movies.

Even if you’re not comfortable with high-tech car gun safes, the RPNB pistol safe has the option to open with a key or with a 4-digit keypad. So, this safe would suit new gun owners of legal age and the veterans of the ’60s.

First things first, this lock box will keep your family safe. There have been numerous incidents where pistols misfired because the owners didn’t keep their guns in check.

With this gun safe, it won’t be an issue. But that doesn’t mean it’s tough to use- it is, in fact, one of the car gun safes out there.

Just put your finger in the biometric scanner, and the safe will open up in no time! In addition to biometrics, the RPNB safe features a rapid-fire backlit keyboard. We liked its dedicated anti-theft protection; it’s something average gun safes forget to include.

The door is pry-resistant, and the seamlessly welded steel body will ensure maximum safety.

It is constructed in such a way that it would last longer than most human beings. Even though the safe has a strong build, it’s not very heavy. You can even mount this car gun safe on walls and floors if you want.


  • Smart and upgraded biometric scan system
  • Has manual keys and 4-digit keypads to unlock as well
  • It comes with a fingerprint scanner
  • Double-layer steel construction with a pry-resistant door


  • Can make some noises while opening


It’s a modern, state-of-the-art handgun safe that can be very useful for tech-savvy people. It does provide good protection, so the biometrics and all aren’t just showboating; they actually work!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are RFID car gun safes reliable?

RFID gun safes have always been reliable. The only issue with these safes is that they require a different type of maintenance. Most gun safes with RFID will come with their own RFID decals, key rings, and wristbands.

If you leave an RFID key fob in the open, it’s easy for anyone to open the safe if they know its location. Even so, we found the Hornady gun to be the best vehicle gun safe with solid RFID action.

2. Is there any way to access a gun safe without the key?

It’s not impossible for a perp to hack into cheap gun safes, which is why gun owners should invest in a quality safe for their handguns.

And, no, thieves almost never get the chance to make off with a gun safe. If you’re concerned about the security of your handgun, keep it tied under your seat with the steel cable.

Most safes will come with a high-impact steel cable that’s extremely hard to get off the box. 

3. What’s the best gun safe under fifty bucks?

The best car handgun safe under fifty bucks would be the SnapSafe Lock Box. It’s impressively sturdy and roomy for a 10.5 “× 7.25 “× 4” gun safe.

Not to mention, it’s made of heavy-duty steel and comes in three sizes from L to XXL. It’s a portable safe, and you can secure it one step further with the steel cable.

4. What’s a concealed carry permit for US gun owners? 

All US citizens can carry certain firearms (shotguns, pistols, handguns, etc.) with a firearms license. In fact, you can move from one state to another with your handgun legally.

A concealed carry permit or CCP is the legal right to carry your firearm in enclosed spaces for your own protection. It also enables you to carry your registered gun with a round in the chamber.

5. Is the Hornady RAPiD gun safe worth the price?

Hornady RAPiD 2700KP is one of the most dependable gun safes in the market. It opens instantly with a swipe and saves valuable time in an emergency.

If you’re talking about the slightly inexpensive, we’re going to say it’s just as fit as the 2700KP. The difference is the non-RFID locking system which allows the brand to offer the safe at a lower price.


You should definitely give a gun safe a lot of thought before buying. After all, your safety and security depend on it.

We hope our portable gun safe reviews helped you pick out a suitable lockbox for your gun. There are old-school, coffer-style safes; then there are modern lockboxes with RFID technology.

However, the best car gun safe is the Hornady RAPiD safe for us. It’s got ample storage and everything from RFID to a secondary pass-way. For a heavy-duty gun lock, Hornady is the safest and the most affordable!

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