All the steps required to manufacture our bullets are done in-house by our highly trained and experienced technicians. Our Total Copper Jacket ("TCJ") bullets are the only kind we make, which allows us to stay focused on manufacturing the highest quality plated bullet possible. We use only virgin and secondary lead alloys made to our strict specifications as well as pure virgin copper in the manufacture of our LeadSafe™ bullets. No scrap material is ever used.

    To ensure uniformity, our bullets are formed from lead wire that we manufacture at our facility. This wire is then used to swage (not cast) the bullet cores. Once formed, these lead cores are electroplated with the same high-purity copper used by computer circuit board manufacturers. These plated bullets are then swaged a second time (RESTRIKE) to ensure the tightest uniformity possible. Finally, every bullet is inspected for any defects that might inhibit performance.